Fall of Caesar

Fall of Caesar


Uncover the conspiracy behind the shocking murder of Julius Caesar in Lost Chronicles - Fall of Caesar, a historical journey through the eyes of a Roman citizen.

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  • Reveal the conspiracy behind Caesar's murder in this Hidden Object investigation.
  • Meet historical figures including Marc Antony and learn of their roles.
  • Follow the path of Marcus Brutus to see where he went after taking the life of Caesar.
  • Travel through Rome, Greece and more for hi storically accurate information.


In 44 BCE, the power and authority of Julius Caesar was absolute as he declared himself Rome's dictator for life. With the Roman army at his command, he was untouchable. There were those in the Roman Senate however, that were uneasy with his new title and formed a conspiracy to assassinate him. Among them was Marcus Brutus, a trusted friend of Julius Caesar. What would drive a man to murder his once mentor?

Step into the shoes of a Roman citizen and locate Marcus Brutus to find out. Explore historically detai ed locations through Rome and Greece, searching for clues to his whereabouts. Play various mini-games, puzzles, and more as you interact with histori cal figures including Marc Antony. Learn about the events that unfolded, interact with actual participants, and access informative articles courtesy of National Geographic in this amazing investigation.

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