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Map My Family Tree


Create Colourful Family Maps that Advance Your Genealogy Research!

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Map My Family Tree™ not only creates striking family maps, but also helps you with your family history search. By creating an ancestor life map, you can see where you have misspellings and incomplete, ambiguous, or missing place names in your genealogy database. Map My Family Tree automatically geo-codes your family history tree in seconds, so you can see where your ancestors were born, married and died. Extensive selection and formatting options provide unlimited customisation of family maps.

  • Show single family lines, births only, events from a specific time period, and much more on maps of any colour or size – including wall maps.
  • Show and tell compelling stories about your personal family history.
  • Gather visual and place name clues that help your family history search.
  • Share family stories by publishing to PDF or printing a wall chart for your next family reunion
  • See where your family lived and migrated over time

Create An Historical Life Map for Your Ancestors!

Pinpoint Locations of Births, Marriages and Deaths
Map My Family Tree will automatically geographically-code all life events in your genealogy research database (i.e., births, marriages, deaths, etc.) and plot them on maps from around the world. If there is more than one life event per geographic location, a single dot will represent the multiple events. Zoom to see the detail for that location.

Zoom In for More Detail
Map My Family Tree uses state-of-the-art vector mapping technology so you don't lose any detail. To see more geographic detail on each life map, simply zoom in. To see regional migration patterns better, zoom out for a broader geographic view.

Track Family Migrations
Tracking migration patterns on a family map can add a whole new dimension to your genealogy research. This is especially easy using the world and country maps provided by Map My Family Tree. Use the zoom in feature to see more details regarding the events at specific locations of the migration route.

Select Time Period for Your Life Map
Use the time scroll bar to select dynamically the time period you want displayed on your family map. As you slide along the scroll bar, you will see the towns "twinkling" to show the movements, voyages and migrations of your ancestors.

Link to Online Maps, Satellite Images and Aerial Photographs
Map My Family Tree automatically links to Google Earth™, Google Maps™, TerraServer® USA and® so that you can see your ancestors' home towns on maps, satellite images and aerial photographs as they appear today. Simply select a place name from the gazetteer and click on the Internet button to select which online service you want to use.

Filter Your Genealogy Data
Filter your genealogy research data by name, ancestor line, descendant line, date, event type and gender in order to select the people and events you want displayed on your family map. This is especially helpful when you want to create maps with single family lines, births only, events from a specific time period, etc.

Add Place Markers to Maps
In order to highlight certain individuals, family lines, events, etc., Map My Family Tree lets you place markers at selected locations. You can choose from a list of place markers of various shapes and colours provided, or import your own images.

Customise Fonts and Colours for Your Family Maps
Map My Family Tree provides over 16-million colours and a wide range of font styles and sizes to help you customize the look and feel of your life maps. Colour can add clarity to the presentation of your genealogy research, which also enhances the vividness of your family stories.

Quickly Search for Place Names
With Map My Family Tree you can look up over 3.3-million place names from around the world. If there is more than one location for that place name, all options (along with their latitude and longitude) will be displayed. Imagine how this powerful time-saving feature can help your family history search!

Check Your Genealogy Data for Inaccuracies!
Spell-check all Place Names

With Map My Family Tree you can quickly identify misspelled place names not only in your genealogy database, but also in any GEDCOM file you may be importing into your family history records. Simply copy and paste the corrected spelling provided into to your genealogy file.

Find Missing Counties and Other Places
Map My Family Tree will list all incomplete place names in your genealogy database and fill in the missing blanks. This is especially helpful when you need county names to research census records. If there is more than one possible correction, Map My Family Tree will list them all.

Identify all Data Errors
In addition to misspellings and incomplete place names, Map My Family Tree will pinpoint names that are ambiguous, listed with the wrong county or other geographic jurisdiction, as well as names that are unknown, non-specific, missing commas, or missing altogether. This powerful genealogy research feature highlights how useful it can be to create life maps.

Define Custom Places for Family Maps
Using Map My Family Tree you can add other place names, such as historical place names that no longer exist, to any life map. Use the built-in gazetteer to select place names, or record unofficial and little-known names by latitude and longitude. Think of creative ways you can show meaningful places on a map, and take that colourful story in wall-chart format to your next family reunion!

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Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • 260 MB free disk space
  • Internet connection required to view online maps , satellite images and aerial photographs (optional)
  • The program will open Family Tree Maker files up to the 2007 edition. If you have Family Tree Maker 2008 or newer, then you will need to Export the file in Gedcom format first. The .GED file then be opened in the program.
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