System Suite™ 15 Professional

System Suite™ 15 Professional


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    Poorly Advertised for Windows 10 computers - 25 / 10 / 2016
  • By  NW Cowboy "Frank"
  • All the ads I see for this product state it it is compatible with Windows 10 computers including the option for the NetDefense Firewall. It was working find on my Windows 10 PC with System Suite 15 and Net Defense firewall until I made the stupid mistake of reinstalling it after my renewal following all the instructions and the link they sent me in email. Now the Net Defense firewall is gone and it not an option. I have been using System Suite ever since I found out about it in the early 2000s and have loved it until now. Personally I feel the removal of Net Defense in the latest update to the program is a major mistake and I am not the least bit happy about it. Windows Firewall lets too much junk through and my computer has been getting constant hits over the last couple of days since I did the reinstall Avanquest / VCom told me to. If in fact Net Defense Firewall is not an option anymore for Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers then Avanquest / VCom needs to remove the part of their advertising that states it is compatible. This is false advertising and very misleading.
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