Protect against your laptop or PC being stolen

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  • Locate your device using Google Maps
  • Remotely lock your device to prevent access
  • Remotely and selectively delete personal files
  • Price shown is for a 3 year license


Every 50 seconds a laptop gets stolen!

miTracker’s advanced anti-theft technology has multi-layered protection of laptop and privacy information! When your laptop is stolen, miTracker can physically track and record the thief’s location which can help the police get it back in your hands. Its remote deletion and lock down feature can remotely protect your confidential data!  

Geolocate Your Stolen Laptop

With miTracker installed, you can track the location of your stolen laptop! Using advanced Wifi and Internet Protocol Address (IP address) tracking mechanisms, the location of the computer can quickly be pinpointed.



  • Use advanced WIFI and Internet Protocol Address positioning algorithms, it is shockingly accurate.
  • Detailed location information can be quickly displayed on Google maps in the miTracker Anti-Theft account dashboard.

Remotely Lock Your Stolen Laptop 

Remotely block your laptop to deny access into your computer. Your private information and data will stay safe and within your control. If you laptop is lost, you can even send a message to display on the locked computer screen. For example, you could provide information of how your laptop can be returned to you.


  • Remotely block your laptop to prevent the thief get access into your computer, then your privacy information stay safe and in your control.
  • You can choose to display a message on the locked laptop screen. For example, you can display your contact information if your computer is lost and the good person who found it may return it to you.
  • One-click operation, just set the laptop to “lock” status on miTracker online portal, then the order will be processed automatically.


Remotely Delete Files

For most people, the private material stored in the laptop is more valuable than the laptop itself. miTracker can give you secret access to take control of your stolen computer. Its remote deletion feature can remotely and selectively delete personal files, private photos, financial records, stored passwords, etc. 



  • Remotely and selectively delete confidential files, business documents, private photos, financial data and stored passwords on your stolen laptop.
  • The deletion order can be processed immediately once the stolen laptop connects to the internet.
  • Easy to operate, just set the laptop to “Missing” status on miTracker online portal and select the files you want to erase, then the order can be processed automatically.




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Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7
  • Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP 32/64 bit
  • Processor: >750MHz Intel or AMD CPU X86(32bit) or X64(64bit)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 100MB or more
  • RAM: 256MB or above
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