Master a New Language in Time for Summer

Listen & learn at home or on the move with new complete language tutorial course from Berlitz software

News release
20th April 2009


Berlitz is the leading language software that teaches users to master all aspects of speaking French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Released by Avanquest Software Publishing for PC and Mac, Berlitz provides a cost effective alternative to language lessons, enabling users to improve skills at home or on the move in time for the summer holiday season.


Catering for different levels
Ideal for those with varying experience, beginners can use Berlitz to master the basics such as greetings, numbers, colours and sightseeing phrases. The intermediate level enables users to rapidly improve their pronunciation through conversations, such as asking for directions, ordering a meal and emergency situations. Once the advanced level has been reached, office, phone and social conversational skills can be learned in order to sound like a native speaker.


Learn as you go
Berlitz makes it easy for users to improve their language fluency whilst on the road, with four comprehensive audio CDs that can be played in the car. Users can also listen and learn on the go, as Berlitz audio tutorials can be uploaded to an MP3 player or PDA for learning languages when commuting, exercising and travelling.


Four engaging ways to learn
Berlitz uses four engaging methods to teach a new language; total immersion enables users to learn by listening to conversations from real life situations; multimedia learning, such as video tutorials provide an enjoyable, educational experience; the proven flash card teaching method uses over 1,000 common words and phrases to help reinforce language skills; and advanced speech analysis improves pronunciation by recording, playing back and comparing, to perfect an accent and improve pronunciation.


Learn at your own pace
Berlitz allows users to determine their own learning pace by deciding when translation is needed. Dialogue can be slowed down and listened to carefully, allowing individual words to be clicked on to hear exact pronunciation. Users can also build their own personalised vocabulary lists to help focus on specific weak areas. Language pupils can also enjoy the fun, interactive games that help to improve reading comprehension, such as crosswords and fill-in-the-blank, which involves finishing an incomplete foreign phrase using a list of possible words.


Notes to Editor:

Sales information for Berlitz:

Price: £29.35
Available from: Amazon and other leading software stores, as well as Avanquest Software
Published by: Avanquest Software Publishing


System Requirements:
Windows: 98, 2000, ME, XP or Vista, Pentium® 166 MHz or Faster, 128 MB RAM (512 for Vista), 800 x 600 Display, CD-ROM Drive, Sound card and speakers.
Macintosh: OS X 10.2.8 or Later, Macintosh G3 or Faster or Intel® - based Macintosh, 128 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive.
Optional Devices: Microphone for recording and speech recognition, iPod or other MP3 player, Pocket PC 2002 or later, Palm (Palm OS 5 or later, 500 KB available memory, 320 x 240 resolution.)


About Avanquest Software
Avanquest Software is one of the world’s leading software developers and publishers, marketing its software titles via multiple sales channels on three continents – North America, Europe and Asia. Avanquest Software addresses the general public through its Retail, Online and Direct-to-Consumer channels; businesses through the Corporate channel; and key players in mobile telephony and IT through OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) licenses. With 2007/08 revenues of €116 million, 520 employees and 150 engineers in Research and Development distributed between France, China, the United States and Canada, the company is committed to innovation in the design, development and publishing of world-class, easy-to-use and affordable software. Avanquest Software is listed on Euronext (ISIN FR0004026714) since December 1996. Additional information is available at or


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