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3D Dinosaur Hunter
The ultimate in 3D education...
Become a British Isles Explorer
A fantastically fun travel guide!
Become a History Explorer
A fantastically fun history guide!
Become A Science Explorer
A fantastically fun activity centre!
Brain Booster
Test your logic, grammar, spelling and mathematical intelligence with 8 mentally stimulating exercises
BRAINtastic v2 Maths TWO
Curriculum linked activities with motivational reward games that establish core mathematic skills and understandings for chil...
BRAINtastic v2 Word Skills TWO
This title contains over 1,200 carefully sequenced learning activities that will build your child's confidence and skills. Su...
ClueFinders Triple Pack
Get to grips with English, Maths, Science and Geography.
ClueFinders Year 3 Adventures - Mystery of Mathra
Make A Startling Discovery Deep In The Jungle!
ClueFinders Year 6 Adventures - Empire of the Plant People
Solve a mystery in an underground world!
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