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Brain Booster
Test your logic, grammar, spelling and mathematical intelligence with 8 mentally stimulating exercises
Typing Tournament V2
Teaches Typing For Life To All Ages!
Ultimate Maths Invaders V2
Mastering Essential Numeracy Skills!
Spelling Force v2
The Complete Spelling Tutor For Home & School!
Words Rock v2
Mastering Essential Literacy Skills!
Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic v2
Mastering Essential Numeracy Skills!
Numbers Up! Maths Baggin' the Dragon V2
Mastering The Maths Of Everyday Living!
BRAINtastic v2 Word Skills THREE
This title contains over 900 carefully sequenced learning activities that will build your child's confidence and skills. Suit...
BRAINtastic v2 Maths FOUR
Curriculum linked activities with motivational reward games that broaden mathematical knowledge and develop flexible thinking...
EdAlive- BRAINtastic v2 Reading Success SIX
Ages 10 to 15+. Build essential reading skills to unlock life’s treasures.
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