7 Wonders II DS

7 Wonders II DS


Let the journey begin …

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  • 7 all new wondrous locations
  • Explore, learn about and track your progress as you build each wonder
  • Enhanced gameplay and beautiful graphics especially for the Nintendo DS(TM)
  • Perfect follow-on game for Jewel Quest players
  • Explore, learn about and track your progress as you build each wonder
  • Spectacular sights include Stonehenge, The Colosseum, The Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Shwedagon Pagoda, The Moai Statue plus an exclusive secret location! New explosive bonuses and power-ups, including Timer Freeze, Single Cell Bomb, The Destroyer and The Equalizer

Transport back into time and embark on a journey to mystic places that few have ever seen: The Seven Wonders of the forgotten world! Complete the unbelievable mission of matching 3 or more runes to help your workers construct the Seven Wonders of the World! In an exclusive bonus mission, piece together the hidden map to uncover the secret route to the most dazzling sight of all!

Blast stone from the game board by matching three or more runes in a row. Strategically move key building blocks down the board to the workers below before time runs out and earn exciting power-ups and bonuses that help clear the board in fantastic fashion! Welcome back to the unparalleled splendour that is 7 wonders!

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