Advanced Email Utilities

Advanced Email Utilities


 Advanced Tools to manage your Email Database

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  • All-in-one solution for all your Outlook mail related problems.
  • Synchronize your computer and laptop Outlook mail.
  • Sync PST, Duplicates Removal, Thread Cleaner, Compressor tool and much more.
  • Most convenient, friendly & manageable utility at your door-step available at the most affordable price!!


A complete solution to manage email database.

Advanced Email Utilities compresses and removes threaded mails. The duplicate mails are also removed. The selected mails can be flagged for follow up actions. Mail backup is also possible. All these options are available for use with MS Outlook as plug-ins.

Using Advanced Email Utilities, you can synchronize files manually or can be run at desired interval to avoid manual intervention.

PST file synchronization can be performed on two PST's on a computer or on two computers over a network.

Tasks and Policies are a helpful tool when organizing your mail in Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to set actions on all the mails upon meeting the conditions you set.

Conditions are additional criteria included as a part of the basic policy, used imperatively, to perform an add-on action on all the messages received or sent. Applying policies and permissions more importantly help you to delete all junk mails that appear in your mailbox, breaching all security.

PST Synchronizer automatically groups all messages, forming a part of conversation, and displays them in chronological order. This conversation continues to grow with every email sent or received in the conversation, making it possible for you to back track the conversation.

PST Synchronizer searches for all the Outlook folders that have duplicates. Upon finding mails with the same sender, date and time stamp, and subject - they are judged as duplicate and can be either deleted or moved to a backup folder. 

Compatible with MS Office 2007.

  • Synchronize PST – Easy way to backup your mails to Stay In Sync!: Synchronizes Personal folders (.pst) between two PCs automatically. Ideal for laptop users or anyone with more than one PC and a network. It will synchronize Contacts, Messages, Tasks and Appointments etc. Any modification in the existing or new items will be automatically copied from one .pst to the other. You can run the synchronization process manually, or can plan it to run automatically at any scheduled intervals.

  • Thread Cleaner – Removes the old interactions from the mail!: helps you to remove previous interactions from threaded mails leaving the latest interaction for you to read.

  • Easy Back Up - Safeguard your mails and important data against System Crash!: backups the emails, address book, settings, mail and message rules, blocked senders lists and signatures to a safe, compact, compressed backup file that can be easily restored when necessary.*

  • Compress PST – Helps to organize your mails!: The files are compressed and stored, that dramatically increases the amount of disk space available for use, earlier which was unduly occupied.

  • Duplicate Removal – An easy way to delete all the duplicate email:  enables you to keep files in particular locations and guarantee that its duplicates will be removed from elsewhere.

  • Thread Compressor-Bookmarks all interactions on same subject: compresses the series of mails chronologically addressing the same topic.

  • Toolbar - Integrated with Outlook:  You can directly access the Advanced Email Utilities option from the toolbar, and carry on their work with ease. 

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 1
Platform Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit
  • Pentium or compatible system with at least 256 MB RAM
  • 50 MB free hard disk space

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