Alpha Five v11 Premium Application Server Bundle Upgrade

Alpha Five v11 Premium Application Server Bundle Upgrade


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  • Alpha Five Version 11
  • Application Server
  • 4 Feature Packs; Google Mapping, Image Gallery, Video Gallery, Calendar Component
Save £497! (Price when bought individually £996)

Alpha Five Version 11 - Welcome to the future of web application development!

Alpha Five Version 11 sees the coming of age of Alpha Software's standards-based rapid database development platform; with the power to deliver information, to any location, on ANY web-enabled device. Alpha Five delivers a new “create-once, use-everywhere” development environment. From desktop to netbook, from tablet to smartphone, Alpha Five positively encourages an ‘accessible everywhere’ approach to information delivery over the web.

With the introduction of new calendar based scheduling support, geo-mapping capabilities, and stunning new video and image gallery components, Alpha Five takes web application development to the next level, but it doesn't just stop there. V11 also offers HTML reporting, great charting capabilities and an open-door policy welcoming the integration of .net components.

Along with gesture support for touch-driven devices, Alpha Five Version 11 is quite simply a virtual Swiss army knife no self respecting web app developer should be without. We think it’s fair to say that Alpha Five Version 11 represents the future of web application.

Desktop, Web, and Mobile - Alpha Five v11 is There for You Back to the top
The only HTML5 based rapid application development framework that meets your needs for powerful and secure Desktop, Web and Mobile applications.

Modern applications are increasingly expected to work on the web and on all major mobile devices from all the major manufacturers. With Alpha Five v11 we have embraced HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and we are able to offer you a truly remarkable ‘build-once, run-everywhere’ solution!

Mobile Development Framework Back to the top
This rich and comprehensive new framework lets you build mobile applications (based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) that extend your web applications and runs across multiple brands of mobile devices. These mobile applications look and behave like ‘native’ applications with full touch, gesturing, orientation and pinch/zoom support.

You build your mobile database application in Alpha Five ONCE and then you are able to run it across MULTIPLE mobile devices, including tablets as well as on your full screen desktop browser because it is all based on the modern web standards of HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.

Top New Features in Alpha Five v11: Back to the top
  • Improved Quick Report Genie - The Quick Report Genie has had a major overhaul, making it easier to design better looking reports, more quickly.
  • Layout Table reports - This new type of report allows you to create better reports in HTML (including "drill down reports") and it allows your reports to be exported to a Microsoft Excel file (XLS file).
  • Linked Reports - Make your reports interactive by allowing you to "drill down" and see granule detail. For example, suppose you have a report that display sales figures for each month, a linked report would allow to click on a particular month and drill down to see sales for each day. You could drill down further see all of the invoices for a particular day.
  • Faster Application Server - Much of the Alpha Five Application server has been rewritten to provide faster and more robust performance (as well as to support future IIS compatibility.)
  • New CSS3 Style builder - There's a lot of excitement in the industry about CSS3, the newest specifications for cascading style sheets (which if you don't know is used for controlling the look and feel of web pages and applications). The all new style builder takes advantage of new CSS3 features and Alpha Five also includes attractive new component styles for building great looking applications.
  • .NET Framework - Allows your applications and Xbasic code to take advantage of the rich collection of objects built into the .NET framework. For example, the .NET framework includes support for both text to speech and speech recognition, which you could add to your applications. (Working examples are provided for text-to-speech, graphing, emailing, and controlling a serial I/O port)
  • New Class Syntax in Xbasic - Powerful new class syntax that supports data hiding (encapsulation) as well as new features in the code editor that make working with classes easier, including pop-up auto suggest that offer you the correct class names as you type.
  • Microsoft Excel Support - Your Xbasic scripts can now read, work with, and create native Microsoft Excel files (in both XLS and XLSX file formats). You have complete control over formatting, (including fonts, colours, etc.), and you can work with multiple sheets within an Excel file. You do not even need to install (or own) Microsoft Excel.
  • Xdialog Improvements - Xdialogs now allow full HTML formatting and now support many more web components, including the Tabbed UI control and the Dialog Component (which itself has been greatly improved in this release).
  • Charting - Alpha Five taps into the power of the .NET charting object, allowing you to easily adds charts and graphs to your reports and user interfaces, including desktop forms and web components. No 3rd party components are required.
  • Web Services Support - As a result of .NET integration, it is much easier to incorporate web services (like Google maps) into your application. So your applications can harness the power of distributed computing and augment functionality by interoperating with other servers on the Internet / Intranet.
  • Improved Dialog Component - The dialog component is a popular way to build custom web interfaces (instead of using a grid). The improved dialog component builder, now supports repeating sections and optional Genie-assisted data binding, among many other new features.
  • Custom Component - If you have an idea for a component that is not included in Alpha Five, you can write your own using the new Custom Component. Your custom component can incorporate Xbasic, HTML and Javascript to add any functionality you can dream up.
  • Grid Improvements - Grids can now detect the device on which they are being displayed and adjust accordingly. This allows you to provide a smaller interface (the mobile view) when your application is being displayed on a phone, rather than a full size screen. Multiple versions of the grid can now be saved as part of one grid definition.
  • Supports Touch Interfaces and Geolocation - Applications built in Alpha Five can now take advantage of the GPS unit and touch interfaces built into your mobile device. So for example, you can create actions that occur that when the user performs a pinch zoom or a swipe or other touch event
Plus V11 Application Server: Back to the top
For deploying web (browser-based) based applications built in Alpha Five version 11

The Application Server allows you to deploy the web (browser-based) applications you build. Each license allows you to install the server on one PC. It can be used on a home/office computer with a high speed Internet connection (such as FIOS, Cable, or DSL), or it can be deployed on a dedicated server or on a virtual private server (VPS). Easy to set up.

Plus 4 v11 Feature Packs: Back to the top
Alpha Five Google® Map Component:

The world in the palm of your hands, at the click of a mouse!

Alpha Five v11 does the "heavy lifting" for you when it comes to mapping, geography, and graphical information systems. The new Google Map component allows your desktop, web, and mobile applications to link to Google Map web services.

Version 11 will provide you with the ability to easily build GIS’s (Graphical Information Systems) around your data. A GIS captures, stores, analyses, manages, and presents data on a map. Using this feature in web and mobile-database applications can be beneficial, but costly. Commercial standalone GIS systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

But, GIS and mapping capabilities will be baked into Alpha Five Version 11. For example, if you're building an estate agent app, you can graphically show where the homes in your database are located. But you could also draw a circle around a geographic area on a map to narrow down your choices of homes, and so forth.

You can perform geographic searches, display points on a map, find the geography data embedded in jpegs, and much more. This makes it easy, for example, to add a store locator to your application, so that people can find the nearest points of interest based on their current location.

Alpha Five Image Gallery Component:

A picture paints a thousand words!

The image gallery component is a beautiful and intuitive interface for displaying pictures in desktop, web and mobile applications. On mobile applications, orientation changes can be detected (and adjusted for) and touch events are supported. The component is smart enough to detect the capabilities of each device, and depreciate features when needed.

Alpha Five Video Builder Component:

Embed HTML5 and YouTube Videos into any kind of application.

Video has become an important part of many new applications in virtually every industry, including education, insurance, and the medical field. Users now expect video to be part of the database so it’s important to be able to run both YouTube™ and private videos sitting on a server and have them run as both Flash enabled videos on browsers that don't support html5 and also on html5 enabled devices such the iPhone® and iPad®.

With the new video component, you can display videos within your application and your videos can be hosted from virtually anywhere, including YouTube™.

The new video component builder is "smart" and makes building video in your web and mobile app very straight forward. Here are some examples of use:

  • Personnel apps or speaker profiles - videos of people
  • Repair/construction manual for equipment - how to videos
  • Estate Agent Apps - videos of houses
  • Car catalogue - videos of cars
  • Education apps with videos
  • Insurance apps with videos of claims sites
  • Building management app with video of apartments
    Construction project management - apps with video of the project in construction

Calendar Component

Scheduling made easy!

If scheduling is important in your application, the new calendar component is ideal. Alpha Five makes adding powerful scheduling and calendar controls to you application much simpler, providing an intuitive way to work with events and dates using an intuitive calendar interface.

People use calendars and scheduling for more than just setting up appointments and phone calls. They use it for managing supply chains, setting invoice due dates, synchronising employee schedules, etc. The potential list is long. Calendar and scheduling support in Alpha Five Version 11 makes it easier for your users to keep track of their critical data by providing a graphical display to select dates and times on a calendar.

(This feature pack uses a 3rd party component from Web2Cal. The developer version of this calendar add-in is available in the product at no charge for building and testing purposes. On deployment of the app, a licence must be purchased directly from Web2Cal at a discounted price of £290 per domain)

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