Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance


Essential car maintenance know-how for all car drivers

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A simple, informative and instructive video covering the basics of car maintenance - for new and learner drivers! Featuring 16 high-quality, fully animated mini video lessons, it's packed full of practical advice to keep drivers and their cars safe on the road!

  • Fully animated DVD containing 16 mini-lessons
  • Each topic covers: safety, why, how-to and tools
  • Saves money on day-to-day car running costs
  • Prevents breakdowns and expensive repair bills
  • Covers all the important checks that need to be carries out between services
  • Reduces the risk of having an accident with simple maintenance
  • Helps cut fuels bills and reduces CO2 emissions
  • 3D Movie quality animation, video and audio
  • Covers a wide range of topic including:
    • Wheels & Tyres; tyre wear, pressue, tread limits, changing a wheel
    • Oil & Fluids; oil, power steering, brake fluid
    • Water & Liquids; screenwash, coolant
    • Electrics & battery; battery, jump-starting, lights & bulbs, fuses
    • Brakes
    • Windscreen & Wipers
    • Tools & Equipment; essentials, supplies and spares, winter kit
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Version 2012
Requires DVD player or DVD Drive

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