Family Tree Maker® 2012 Platinum Edition

Family Tree Maker® 2012 Platinum Edition


Everyone has a family. Every family has a story.  Family Tree Maker® 2012 Platinum can help you find yours!

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With exciting new features to help you, Ancestry.co.uk™ Family Tree Maker® 2012 makes it easier than ever to discover your family story, preserve your legacy and share your unique heritage.

Family Tree Maker® 2012 lets you easily:
  • Research and preserve your family story on your computer.
  • Create charts and reports to share with family and friends
  • View and share your tree from different perspectives; location, migration path, family name and more.
  • Integrate with the 895 million records on Ancestry.co.uk™ and download new information directly into your tree.
  • Receive hints linking you to matching records on Ancestry.co.uk™
  • Add photos, documents, audio and video into your tree.
  • View timelines and interactive maps highlighting events and places in your ancestors’ lives.
  • Write Smart Stories™ that automatically update when facts in your tree change.
  • Features improved content generation and editing options.
  • Synchronise desktop and online Ancestry.co.uk™ family trees with the NEW Treesync™ feature.
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Family Tree Maker® 2012 features a host of new and exciting tools:

New TreeSyncNEW – TreeSync™ - Synchronise Desktop and Online Ancestry.co.uk™ Trees - Keep your tree up-to-date wherever you are! Build your tree using Family Tree Maker® and upload it to Ancestry.co.uk.™ Whether you’re working online or on your desktop, you can keep your tree in sync with just the click of a button (and even update it using our FREE iPhone and iPad apps.) Share your tree with other family members and choose who can view and update it.

Follow the Hints - Just enter what you know into your family tree. Hints (green leaf icons) will soon appear, linking you to historical records and trees that might hold answers about your ancestors.

Save to your desktop - Saves information you discover on Ancestry.co.uk™ to your family tree, complete with an electronic copy of the original record.

Maps and Timelines - View maps to see where your ancestors have lived and track your family’s migration paths. And, highlight key events that have occurred in their lives.

IMPROVED - Manage photos and more. Add photos, audio and video files, documents etc. into your tree. Easy-to-use tools help you manage them faster than ever before!

IMPROVED - SmartStories™ - Write Smart Stories™ in two easy steps using improved page designs and templates. Each time you edit your tree, Smart Stories update automatically.

IMPROVED - Charts and Reports. Choose from hundreds of customisable chart options and create reports that let you see and share your tree from different perspectives; location, migration path, family name, birthdays and more!

NEW - Blended Families View. See combined families including step families and adoptees at a glance.

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TreeSync™-The new TreeSync feature lets you create a link between your Family Tree Maker® tree and its corresponding tree on Ancestry.co.uk. And when your trees are linked together you can update either tree and synchronise those changes into the other tree -manually or automatically. Syncing your Family Tree Maker® tree and online Ancestry tree has many benefits that no other software can offer:
  • Access and update your tree anytime, anywhere. With an Internet connection, you can continue your research wherever you are whether it’s through Ancestry, youri Phone, or iPad.
  • Share your tree online. Family and friends can view your tree (and even work with you) without any software or an Ancestry subscription.
  • Collaborate with the largest family history community in the world. If you share your tree publicly, you can connect with other members who are researching the same family lines.

SmartStories™ - When Family Tree Maker® fills in a Smart Story for you, the story now includes facts about the individual and his or her spouse and children. Previously a generated Smart Story included information about the individual only.

New Blended Families View - The family group view has a new “blended families” option that lets you see all of an individual’s children in one view. An icon next the child’s name lets you see at a glance whether he or she is the child of the father, mother, or both parents

Customised Fact Sentences - When you create an Ahnentafel, descendant report, or Smart Story, Family Tree Maker® generates descriptive sentences for each factor event. Now you can change the wording of these sentences and also choose what data is included.

Reports - Improved Notes Report - The Notes Report lets you display person, research, relationship, or factnotes you’ve entered for individuals in your tree.

New Index of Individuals Report - The Index of Individuals Report lists every individual in your tree and their birth, marriage, and death dates.

Charts - Generation Labels - Now you can display generation labels (such as parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents) in charts to highlight the relationship between the primary person in the chart and other family members.

Additional Options in Descendant Chart - You can create a descendant chart that shows the relationship between two people whom you select.

Adding Text to a Chart - In addition to adding your own images to a chart, you can now personalise your charts even more by adding your own text - creating a chart that is completely unique.

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  • Ancestry.co.uk,™ the UK’s favourite family history website. Explore millions of fascinating records and delve into your family’s past. Who will you discover?

  • Search and access over 895 million records - the UK’s largest collection of online family history records! New records are constantly being added, so there are always newdiscoveries waiting for you. Search our records, start your family tree and we’ll help you uncover your ancestors’ stories.
  • 6 MonthsFamily Tree Maker® 2012® PLATINUM EDITION includes 6 months ‘PREMIUM’ Membership to Ancestry.co.uk™*. Ideal for the family historian who wants to travel even further back into their family history, you can search key historical records.

    Your 6 Month ‘Premium’ Membership gives you access to:

    • Guaranteed access to all new UK collections
    • Exclusive parish records all the way back to the 16th century
    • Military records fromboth World Wars and other key conflicts
    • Immigration records revealing your family’s origins
    • More than 100 Irish collections, including crucial census substitutes
    • The UK census records from1841 - 1911
    • Plus, all our other UK records
  • Quick Start Guide (Digital Version) Follow simple instructions to begin a project
  • Printed Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker® 2012 Learn Family Tree Maker’s most popular features with quick lessons that make research fast and fun. Over 380 pages of info!
  • Interactive Training Tutorials Step-by-step hints and tips to help you growyour family tree.

*The Ancestry.co.uk membership requires activation with a valid credit or debit card

Take a Tour of Family Tree Maker®

Are you wondering how Family Tree Maker® can help you easily create and share your family tree? Let us take you on a quick walk-though of the software. We'll take a closer look at some of the key features and tools that are available and show you why Family Tree Maker® is the best option to help you discover, organise, and show off your family history.

Start Your Tree Quickly
Start your family tree is simple. If this is your first tree, enter a few brief facts about you and your parents and you're on your way. You can also import a file from another genealogy program or download a Member Tree you've created on Ancestry.co.uk

Add Family Members to your Tree
The Family tab gives you a comprehensive view of your tree. You can see several generations of your family at once and jumo to any person in your tree with a single click. In this view you can also add children and ancestors for an individual and add life events.

The Person tab focuses on a single individual. You can add facts, notes, or media items for an individual; view a timeline of those life events blended with other family members’ life events - and historical events; or, you can see a list of all the members of an individual’s family- spouses, children, parents, and siblings. A mini pedigree tree below the main tool bar lets you navigate to anyone in your tree.

Illustrate Your Family History
Most genealogy programs let you add media items to a family tree. And Family Tree Maker® is no exception. You can incorporate photographs, important documents, and video and sound clips into your tree, which can be used in charts, family history books, and slideshows.

But Family Tree Maker® goes beyond the typical genealogy program. You can use categories to quickly organise and sort your media, scan images directly into your media collection, and link media items to multiple people in your tree.

And each time you add a media item to your tree, you can link it to the original file into your tree, which minimises file sizes that might slow you down.

Create Keepsake Charts
The more you learn about your family the more you’ll want to share - and the powerful charting tools in Family Tree Maker® make it easy. You might want to frame a tree to hang in your home, create a poster to display at a family reunion, or email customised charts to distant relatives.

Custom templates make beautiful charts a snap. Or, let your creativity soar and add family photos, backgrounds, and embellishments.

You can choose from:

  • Ancestor tree charts; Fan-Shaped & Vertical
  • Descendant charts
  • Hourglass charts
  • Pedigree charts
  • Bow Tie charts
  • Extended family charts
  • Family tree charts
  • Relationship charts

Leave a Legacy
Wouldn’t you love to have a printed family history where you can share your family stories, photographs, maps, and research? Family Tree Maker® gives you the power to combine your choice of printouts - from pedigree charts, kinship reports, and genealogy reports to timelines, and more - into one continuous document. Family Tree Maker® can automatically generate a table of contents and index of individuals, and you have a complete, book. When you’re finished, print and bind it to create a unique gift for your family to cherish. You can also export it as a PDF that can be e-mailed to your friends and family.

Not sure how to get started? Family Tree Maker® can help. Smart Stories™ is a narrative tool that lets you create biographies using facts, images, and notes you’ve already entered in your tree. Simply drag-and-drop into the story. And Smart Stories text is linked to your tree so if you make changes, the text will be updated automatically.

Explore Your Data
Reports are mainstays of family historians. You can create detailed reports about a single family, such as the family group sheet; relationship reports that show marriage events or parentage facts; and more. Simply select the type of report and format you want, then print - Family Tree Maker® does the work for you. You can even save your settings in one report and apply themto a different report. Or, export your report and edit it in a spreadsheet or word-processing program.

Family Tree Maker® includes these report types:

  • Ahnentafel
  • Bibliography
  • Calendar
  • Custom report
  • Marriage report
  • Media itemreport
  • Media usage report
  • Research journal
  • Source usage report
  • Surname report
  • Timeline
  • Data errors report
  • Descendant report
  • Family group sheet
  • Index of Individuals
  • Kinship Report
  • LDS ordinances report
  • Notes report
  • Outline Descendant
  • Parentage report
  • Photo Album
  • Place usage report

Place Your Ancestors on the Map
As you record the important events in your ancestors’ lives, you’ll identify the towns, cities, and countries that shaped their daily lives. And Family Tree Maker® has partnered with Microsoft Bing Maps so you can view these important locations using dynamic online maps. Visit the town in Ireland where your grandmother was born, locate the battlefield where your uncle died in WWII, and let Family Tree Maker® bring your ancestral homelands to life.

You can also create and print migration maps to show event locations for individuals or families

Manage Your Sources
Family Tree Maker® makes it easy to document the facts behind your family tree. All your sources can be viewed and edited in one central location. You can even rate sources and attach a single source to multiple people and facts.

Don’t know how to cite sources? Don’t worry. Family Tree Maker® includes source templates that can tell you exactly what kind of information you need to record for hundreds of source types.

GrowYour Tree with Ancestry Hints
Family Tree Maker® and Ancestry.co.uk work together to help you fill in those blanks in your family tree. Family Tree Maker® automatically searches the vast collection of genealogy records on Ancestry.co.uk looking for information that matches people in your tree. When a possible match is found, a green leaf or “hint” appears. If the record matches someone in your tree, you can merge information and images directly into your tree

Manage Your Sources
Family Tree Maker® is integrated with Ancestry.co.uk - the UK’s largest online family history resource. Using your subscription to Ancestry.co.uk, you can access billions of records and join a worldwide community of family history enthusiasts.

If you have an Ancestry Member Tree, you can download it into Family Tree Maker® and use it to either create a new tree or merge it with another.

And if you want to share your tree with others, upload your tree to Ancestry.co.uk in one step; it will contain not only the dates, names, and places, but all your media items, sources, and Ancestry records.

Family Tree Maker® contains a variety of innovative and advanced features that both beginners and experts will enjoy.

Import Family Trees in a variety of different sources.
In addition to importing GEDCOMs, you can also import files created in Legacy Family Tree, The Master Genealogist, and FamilySearch Personal Ancestral File.

Capture Information Anywhere on the Web
You like being able to view Ancestry.co.uk records within Family Tree Maker® and merge theminto your tree. Now you can search the entire Web and use the Web-clipping tool to easily import images, facts, and notes into your tree; you can even save an archived version of a Web page.

Create and Display CustomFacts
Although Family Tree Maker® comes with a variety of default facts, you may want to create customfacts that work for your family tree. For example, if you are trying to track your ancestors by censuses, you may want to create a customfact for each census year. You can also customise the editing panel on the Family tab to display any facts you like.

Keep your tree organised and accurate
Family Tree Maker® has relationship and date calculators, a global spell checker, tools for locating duplicate individuals andtools for locating duplicate individuals and missing media items, and a to-do list to keep your research on track.

Create CustomHistorical Events for Timelines
Family Tree Maker® has a database of historical events fromall over the world that can be used in timelines. You can edit, delete, and add to these historical events. In addition, when you create a timeline, Family Tree Maker® looks at facts entered for an individual and displays the most location-appropriate historical events.

Keep Locations Consistent
Family Tree Maker® contains a place authority database of more than 3 million place names. When you enter a location name into your tree, Family Tree Maker® automatically checks each place name against its database, looking for misspellings and missing data, such as missing counties.

†The Ancestry.co.uk™ ‘Premium’ Membership begins upon activation of the 6-month free subscription with a valid credit or debit card, but no money will be taken during the free subscription period. To ensure uninterrupted service, your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of the free subscription period for a further 6 months of paid subscription. To cancel your membership without incurring a charge to your credit or debit card, go to www.ancestry.co.uk, simply login and go to ‘My Account’, click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ at least 2 days before the free subscription is due to end, otherwise the full price of a 6-month ‘Premium’ membership will be automatically debited from your credit or debit card. Assuming that you do not cancel, at the end of the 6 months paid subscription period your membership will roll over into an annual membership that will automatically renew at the end of each year, unless you cancel before each renewal. Use of Ancestry.co.uk is subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. See www.ancestry.co.uk for full details. †† Based on the price of a monthly Premium package subscription at Ancestry.co.uk™ as of 6th September 2011

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Version 2012
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7
  • Windows® XP (SP3), Vista® (SP1)or 7
  • 1GHz Intel Pentium III (or equivalent)
  • Hard disk space: 500MB for installation
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Display 1024 x 768 resolution
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • All online features require Internet access
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