HDR Darkroom 5 PC

HDR Darkroom 5 PC


Get the best from your photos

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  • One-shot HDR: HDR from a single RAW file
  • Award-winning tone mapping technology
  • Process RAW files directly
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • High-performance batch processing


Get the best from your photos – high-contrast HDR images from a single shot. This the quickest way of creating impressive HDR photos!

Intuitive, clearly-structured, smooth operation.

Automatic alignment of source images, noise reduction, tone mapping, fine-tuning, RAW conversion as well as batch processing: HDR Darkroom stands for breath-taking, high-contrast images with rich depths and brilliant highlights, normally only seen in reality.

HDR Darkroom enables real HDR photography without requiring too much technology. HDR Darkroom creates natural-looking HDR photos which are superior to the source images, or, if desired, surreal HDR images with a distinctive and characteristic HDR style.

High dynamic range photography with HDR Darkroom

The HDR Darkroom user interface is self-explanatory, and the intelligent functions give you exciting results without the frustration factor.

One-shot HDR: HDR from a single photo with HDR Darkroom

A special feature within HDR Darkroom is one-shot HDR: Just a single shot in RAW format is all you need to create a perfect HDR photo. HDR Darkroom automatically calculates the required exposure bracketing from the RAW photo. It couldn't be easier! This is made possible thanks to the modern sensors in digital cameras.

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Process RAW files directly in HDR 5 Darkroom

HDR 5 Darkroom supports RAW data from well-known manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, as well as the universal RAW format, Adobe DNG. New camera models are supported thanks to regular updates. You can find a detailed list of supported camera types below.

Canon Olympus

Nikon Sony

Create classic HDR using exposure bracketing: this is how HDR Darkroom works


HDR Darkroom operates using a bracketed series of at least two images - there is no upper limit. These images are converted into genuine 32-bit HDR photos. In the process, the noise on the photos is reduced, and the images are superimposed and merged into HDR negatives. This HDR image can either be printed or displayed on screen.

HDR Darkroom's award-winning tone mapping


HDR Darkroom's special algorithm analyses the photos in a bracketed series and creates a vivid HDR image using data from all the available individual photos.

Powerful batch processing in HDR Darkroom


HDR Darkroom's batch processing routine works dynamically. Each image is analysed and converted accordingly, thus saving you countless hours of unnecessary manual adjustments. Hundreds of images - for example, all your holiday shots - can be left to process overnight.

With HDR Darkroom, you spend more time behind the lens and less time in front of the computer!

Highlights Back to the top

Using HDR Darkroom is the quickest way of creating impressive HDR photos:

  • Understand HDR technology and use it easily
  • Find the best HDR subjects and get optimal photographic results
  • Lenses, tripods, etc.: use suitable camera accessories
  • Generate perfect exposure bracketing
  • Master HDR Darkroom easily
  • Work with the main image formats
  • Create HDR images from a single photo
  • Realise picture-perfect HDR images
  • Use tone mapping settings and guidelines confidently
  • Automatically convert multiple photos into HDR images simultaneously
System Requirements Back to the top


  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Hardware: Pentium® from 2 GHz, Dual Core CPU recommended 1 GB RAM, 2 GB recommended
  • Software: optional: Adobe® Photoshop® from Version C2

Mac OS:

  • Operating system: Macintosh OS 10.4
  • Hardware: G4, G5, Intel® Core™ Solo, Intel Core Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Xeon® 512 MB RAM
  • Software: optional: Adobe® Photoshop® from Version C2"

An internet connection is required to activate the software.

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