ioteo Cam SC200

ioteo Cam: Your home Wi-Fi Camera

ioteo Cam SC200
ioteo Cam: Your home Wi-Fi Camera
ioteo Cam: Your home Wi-Fi Camera
ioteo Cam: Your home Wi-Fi Camera
ioteo Cam: Your home Wi-Fi Camera
ioteo Cam: Your home Wi-Fi Camera
ioteo Cam: Your home Wi-Fi Camera

ü High-definition colour Wi-Fi camera
ü Real-time video with integrated microphone and speaker
ü  Secure 24/7 recording on the cloud
ü Notifications sent to your smartphone if movement is detected
ü Remote access from smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC

New in ioteo Cam SC200:

  • Image quality and color enhanced
  • Improved wireless reach
  • New design of the camera available in 2 colors!
  • Expanded view angle
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Redesigned mobile app: even more functional!

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ioteo Cam
is a comprehensive solution designed to keep an eye on your loved ones and your property.

It records 24/7 and allows you to view your images on your smartphone or PC. The secure back-up allows you to access your images even in the event of your camera being stolen.

ioteo Cam is so easy to use: all you need is an Internet connection and ioteo Cam.


Monitor your home - See what happens in your home, from anywhere!


ioteo Cam offers the following features:

  • Real-time video
  • Monitor your home from anywhere using a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet
  • Intelligent Motion Detection
  • Alert notifications on your smartphone
  • Secure 24/7 recording on a cloud
  • Extremely simple installation
  • Remote control (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G)
  • Unlimited sharing of cameras
  • HD 720p resolution
  • Night vision
  • Built-in microphone allows you to listen in
  • Built in speaker enables you to talk back


5 minute easy setup!

1 / Plug your camera into the mains

2 / Download the ioteo application

3 / Follow the instructions displayed in the application


Your privacy is protected

We respect your privacy and process your information and your video recordings in a very secure manner. ioteo Cam incorporates security techniques equivalent to those used by banking institutions.


Works on all your devices

Mobile: Android and iPhone, tablets, computers: PC or Mac.

Keep an eye on your children Back to the top

Live or through playback, thanks to the 24/7 recording. Communicate with them thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker. 

For teens

A little mischief or big lies. Your ioteo camera can sometimes help you see clearly. A properly placed camera by the front door lets you see if your children have taken out the dog or hear if their friends are making too much noise.

For young children

Be reassured that your children have returned home from school. Check whether they're making the babysitter's life too difficult. A small reminder to behave using the camera's microphone is sometimes helpful.

Baby cam

Watch your child when you want, where you want

Watch or listen to your baby remotely day and night thanks to infrared vision.

There's nothing like a smile from your baby to brighten up your day. You are often at the office or travelling... With ioteo Cam, stay close to baby, wherever you are. You can access the video in real time from any device.

ioteo Cam lets you look into your baby's room without waking them up, or check to see that they're asleep without opening the door. Thanks to night vision, you can see everything that is happening, even in total darkness. In addition, your camera can alert you immediately if movement is detected.


Keep a close watch over your child

ioteo Cam allows you to see and hear if your baby has trouble getting to sleep or has just woken up. ioteo Cam is also equipped with a speaker and a microphone: whisper a few tender words of reassurance.

Share your recordings Back to the top

A camera to communicate

ioteo Cam does not just transmit images. Its built-in microphone allows you to hear the sounds of the room where it is placed. Better yet, thanks to its speaker, you can talk with your children, comfort them...


The family is also sharing

You can share your camera with other family members. Easily determine who can view your images and remove access whenever you want using your mobile device or PC.

Your house reachable in one click! Back to the top

Monitor your home

Access your camera from any location in 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi using all your mobile devices and computers.

Secure your home

Keep an eye on your home with the high-definition ioteo Cam Wi-Fi camera with infrared vision. There is also a motion detection feature with notifications sent to your smartphone.

Easily keep an eye on your property wherever you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. If you like, the "Share" feature lets you give your relatives or neighbours access to your camera.

Be in several places at once

By using several ioteo Cams, you can be everywhere at the same time. Monitor comings and goings at your home and keep an eye on your loved ones, pets and/or secondary residence.

You had to leave your pet home alone? Back to the top

Stay in contact with your cat or dog. Check that all is well and that it is not up to some mischief or barking. You can even talk to it remotely.


Talk to it remotely

Is your cat ruining the furniture? Tell it to stop! Does your cat get up on the sofa when you're away? You'll know immediately. Your ioteo Cam features a microphone that lets you hear what is going on as well as a speaker to communicate with your pet wherever you are.


Leave with peace of mind.

You can't take your goldfish or birds on holiday. Leave them in their familiar environment and use the share feature to ask your relatives or neighbours to keep an eye on them from time to time.

Monitor your business, increase your profitability! Back to the top

Secure your business

Your business safety should be a priority. Now is easy and affordable to get equipped with surveillance cameras. With the HD ioteoCam, including night vision, you can control your business activity during the day and monitor your rooms at night. You also have a motion detection function with notification on your smartphone.

Take your iPhone, Android Smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac and keep an eye on your business, visitors or staff.

  • By using the « Share » function you can allow your workers to have access to your cameras.
  • Protect your shop against theft
  • An ioteo Cam used in a visible position dissuades potential assailants or thieves.
Get more with ioteoCloud Back to the top

Discover ioteoCloud!


ioteoCloud is a secure storage space which will host all recordings made by your ioteo camera.

You can access it at any time. This will allow you to keep track of all the events detected by your camera to record, re-view and share all the special moments with your family and children.

Since all of the videos are stored on a secure cloud, you can see what happened and access past recordings even if your camera is stolen.


ioteoCloud benefits:

  • Store your videos 24/7 on our secure servers in Europe: From 1 day to 30 days based on the option chosen*
> Access your videos even in case of theft of your camera
  • Access your videos to the second via an interactive calendar
> Instantly find what happened to date
  • Edit and save your videos on your smartphone or PC
  • Get notifications of movements while recording 
  • Share your camera with family members on an unlimited basis
5 minute easy setup! Back to the top

Technical details Back to the top
Spécifications techniques : 
  • 2 colours: BLACK or WHITE
  • dimensions: 124x80x35 mm (H x L x P)
  • weight: 208g
  • video resolution: colour HD 720p, CMOS sensors
  • audio: two-way sound
  • Built-in Microphone and speakerphone
  • Viewing angle: 115°
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Notifications on mobiles
  • Wi-Fi communication protocol: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
  • Recording & Storage: with ioteoCloud subscription; In the Cloud: secure servers in Europe
  • Recording 24/7
  • Storage of 1 to 30 days 
  • HTTPS/SSL security encryption 
  • Automatic Firmware update
  • 2-year warranty
30 Day Money Back GuaranteeSecure Online Ordering.Tested by HackerGuardian and secured by SSL
Secure Online Ordering