Mail For You Professional 4

Mail For You Professional 4


Boost your email campaigns!

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  • Set up e-mail marketing or communication campaigns
  • Develop your business and secure the loyalty of your customer contacts<
  • Measure, analyse and generate statistical reports
  • Tracking available for 6 months
  • NEW! Have your own unsubscribe web page
  • NEW! Multicriteria segmentation
  • NEW! E-mail scheduling


MAIL FOR YOU is an efficient, user-friendly solution designed for companies or individuals wishing to develop business and secure the loyalty of customer contacts, partners, etc. through e-mail marketing or communication campaigns: send periodic newsletters, commercial e-mails, etc.

MAIL FOR YOU manages the following stages of e-mail communication campaigns:

  • Message creation and frames (in html and or plain text): the integration of external frames created using ancillary tools (word processing, DTP software, HTML editors - Dreamweaver, NVU, Golive, Front Page, etc.).
  • Definition - targeting campaign addressees (using your customer, prospect and contact databases).
  • Personalising a message to adapt it to each addressee: incorporating personalised data into the subject or body of the message (company name, first name and surname of contact, etc.).
  • Sending attachments shared by all addressees.
  • Routing the e-mail campaign to the list of selected addressees.
  • Measuring, analysing campaign statistics (campaign tracking including: e-mail opening rates, tracking links within message, unsubscriptions, errors)
  • Generating statistical reports, exporting campaign results (processing ancillaries, qualifying original databases)
  • Qualifying your address databases with automatic unsubscribe management, NATA (bouncing or erroneous e-mail addresses)


Creating your HTML message

  • Built-in HTML editor UTF-8 Multi-language support
  • Personalise the subject and content of message Example: surname, first name, company
  • Automatic synchronisation to copy message consulted via a web page

Managing your addressees

  • Personalise the addressee table and add your own fields
  • Overall red list and by dossier
  • Manage NATA (bounces or erroneous e-mail addresses)
  • Red list by domain name
  • Import addressees in different formats (Access, Excel, MySQL, SQL Server, CSV)
  • Segment / Filter your addressees
  • Check addressees (Deduplication, invalid emails, NATA, red list)

Routing your campaign

  • Route to test addresses
  • Check addressees
  • Check the message
  • Plan routing and schedule e-mails
  • Track current routings in real-time
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Analyse opening rate, links clicks, responsiveness
  • Statistics on NATA or bouncing e-mail addresses
  • Produce campaign reports that can be exported as PDF or RTF (Word)
  • Export campaigns in Access, Excel, CSV formats
  • Re-issue a campaign according to different criteria
What's new in version 4 Back to the top
  • NEW! UTF-8 multi-language support, syntax highlighting, CSS support
  • NEW! Automatically manages the copying of your message on a website to display your message online
  • NEW! Have your own unsubscribe web page
  • NEW! Multicriteria segmentation
  • NEW! E-mail scheduling
  • NEW! Clickers, responsiveness, breakdown by ISP
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 4
Platform Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7
  • Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Internet connection (high-speed recommended)
  • HTML editor (optional)

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