Noddy in Toyland DS

Noddy in Toyland DS


Welcome to Toyland - A land where toys come to life!

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  • Includes fun musical, picture, number, puzzle and memory games
  • 3 levels - easy, medium and hard to suit all ages
  • Medal reward system to keep kids motivated
  • Encourages the development of memory, logic, problem-solving and creative skills

From friendly cars and teddy bear picnics to robots and racetracks, everyday is a fun day in Toytown! Play through 15 fun games and activities including: Music in the Air, Catch with Bumpy, Big Ears' Big Clean Up, Noddy's Drive Home plus many more!

Great Characters

Noddy is the hero of Toyland! Known and loved by all, big and small, Noddy is ready for any adventure or challenge! And, of course, he loves playing games.

Bumpy Dog
Bumpy Dog lives in a kennel next to Noddy’s front door. He is the friendly, playful dog that everyone would want! Bumpy Dog’s bumpy nature causes lots of mishap, as he dives into every situation eager to run, play, explore...and dig!

Noddy zips around Toyland in his distinctive red and yellow car, called (easily enough) ‘Car’!. Car acts as a friend, joining in with Noddy’s laughter or warning him of trouble with a loud ‘beep-beep’ of its horn. Car’s speed and reliability are well known in Toy Town and Noddy often runs errands and gives lifts to his neighbours.

Whiz is a very clever robot who knows how to make things work. He runs the Garage in Toyland and can create gadgets and contraptions when Noddy needs them. If Car is in trouble, Noddy can rely on Whiz to put things right.

Tessie Bear
Tessie is one of Noddy’s closest friends. She is an adorable bear who lives in a house that also happens to be a picnic basket. Everyone is welcome at Tessie’s, where there is always something nice to eat! When Tessie is not at home, she can be found zipping around Toy Town in her shiny purple sports car.

Why don’t you join in the fun?

Come on...Let’s play!

Music Games

Party Time
It's party time in Toyland! Listen to the music and repeat the sounds in the same order that you hear them.

Music in the Air
Play Music in the Air with Noddy and Tessie! Touch the scrolling musical notes as they cross the silver line. Pay attention to the rhythm bar at the top!

Perfect Ear
Whiz is playing songs and he wants you to join along. Listen to the music he plays and repeat the songs back by touching the buttons in the right order.

Memory Games

Noddy is trying to find the matching pairs - can you help him?

Help Noddy find the missing objects. Memorise the objects on the top screen before they disappear, then see if you can then find them in the bottom screen.

Dressing Room
Tessie is getting ready for a party in Toyland and needs your help to dress up! Remember what Tessie is wearing on the top screen, then find the correct clothes on the bottom screen, tap the icon when you think you have selected the correct outfit. The lights down the right-hand side will turn green if you are correct. Tip: look at Tessie’s shadow to help you!

What’s Missing
Sly and Gobbo are up to mischief and have hidden many objects. Can you find them? Memorise the contents in the image on the top screen. Some of the objects will then disappear, show where they should be by touching the area where they were.

Observations Games

Spot the Difference
Compare the pictures of Noddy and his friends and see if you can find the differences. Show the difference by touching on it with your stylus.

Catch with Bumpy
Noddy is playing catch with Bumpy. He is trying to catch the objects but needs your help. Touch on the bones and footballs that pop up behind the flowers. Be carful not to catch the bees and butterflies.

Odd one Out
Help Mr Plod spot the odd one out?

Match the Shadow
Can you match-up the Toyland characters in the top screen to their pictures in the bottom screen by only looking at their shadow?

Puzzle Games

Put the puzzle pieces back together in the bottom screen to match the picture of Noddy, Tessie, Big Ears and Co in the top screen.

Sliding Tiles
Un-jumble the tiles in the bottom screen to match the picture of Noddy and friends in the top screen.

Skill Games

Big Ears’ Big Clean Up
All the characters in Toyland want to play in the park, but first Big Ears must clear up the fallen logs. Help Big Ears by touching the log placed on the top of the pile and carefully pulling it out, making sure not to knock the other logs!

Noddy’s Drive Home
Noddy is out driving in his car. Help him to drive home by navigating his way through the roads. Be carful to avoid the springy flowers and blocks of stone left on the road by the mischievous pair Sly and Gobbo! TIP: For extra points collect the badges

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