Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 (Home)

Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 (Home)


The Most Reliable Backup & Recovery Solution On The Market!

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  • Convenient: back up on a wide range of storage
  • Reliable: recovers data and systems quickly and cleanly
  • Flexible: recovers the system on a new hard drive in its entirety


Looking to change your PC or replace a failed one? Nervous you will lose all your important programs & settings?Fear no more! Paragon Backup & Recovery 11 Home is the ideal solution to take the hassle out of moving to new hardware and securing all your important settings.

The Home Edition offers a powerful set of tools for a variety of backup and recovery needs. Including the essential ‘Adaptive Restore 3.0’ function, which allows for seamless movement from an old PC to a new, in the event of upgrade or failure.

The program allows you to backup and entire image, single partitions or even individual files and folders. You can even backup to and from external hard-drives, USB’s and more, making this the most versatile backup and recovery product on the market.

Paragon Backup & Recovery ensures that your system and valuable data are protected and can be restored in case of any disaster.

Suitable for both experienced and novice users alike.

New Features Back to the top

New! WinPE Recovery Environment* – Up-to-date version of the pre-installation environment WinPE 4.0, provides a wider support of hardware configurations and has the ability to add third-party drivers on the fly if your hardware is not supported by default.

New! Incremental Disk Imaging – Contains both data changed since the time of creating a full archive and also one of the increments as well, saving both time and backup storage. Paragon’s innovative technology boosts backup efficiency to the network by up to 200%.

New! Storage Spaces Support – Use existing hard drives and combine then to one big storage space to save videos or other large files on.

Improved Boot Corrector – Powerful utility that recovers the operating system’s start-up ability. Available in Linux, DOD and WinPE Environments*.

New! Windows 8 Compatible (32 and 64 bit)!

*WinPE boot media can be created with the help of Paragon Media Builder

Why Do You Need Paragon Backup & Recovery For Your Home PC?

To Change To A New PC!
Changing from a old to a new PC can be a nightmare; trying to restore all your programs and settings to a new machine and finding you have problems with Windows, missing drivers or even that you can’t get your hardware recognised. The powerful features in Paragon Backup & Recovery ensure that transfer from an old PC to a new one is a seamless activity and that all your programs and settings remain intact.

To Save Storage Space!
Regular, incremental backups will save storage space and continuously protect your data - an essential feature if you store lots of files in different formats, such as music, video, photos, images and more.

Wide Range Of Storage Media Usage!
You may at some point want to backup from and to storage media alternative to a PC. Paragon Backup & Recovery offers a flexible approach, allowing you to backup to and from laptops, external hard-drives, USB’s and more.

Key Features Back to the top
  • Backs up entire hard-drives, single partitions of a drive or selected files and folders. Selective Restore Options!
  • Smart Backup Wizard – Quickly backs up My Documents, My Media Files and My Email Folders.
  • Backs up the operating system whilst in operation to avoid frustrating reinstallations.
  • Perfect for simple backups, or even detailed backup routines for photos, documents, music, videos and more.
  • Backs up from alternative storage media – USB’s, external hard drives and so many more.
  • Stores backups on alternative hard-drives, Blu-ray discs or on your network.
  • Backup & Restore to/or from FTP/sFTP – Offload backup images to offsite storage for even higher protection.
  • New Backup Encryption! Encrypts backup files to protect them against theft and unauthorised access.
  • Email Notifications! Get informed about the status of your backup tasks via email.
  • Hot Processing Options! Live backup is a key feature for any backup software. The product has a highly flexible, improved configuration for two methods of hot processing: Paragon HotBackup and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
  • Cyclic Backup! “Set & Forget” backup policy that performs regular backups and automatically manages them. Supports AFD’s (Advanced Format Drives) and hard-drives of over 2TB.
  • Improved File Exclude For Copy HDD! Easily exclude files and folders when copying a partition or a complete hard-drive to a new device. This is especially helpful when you migrate to an SSD that provides less space than your former drive
Outstanding Features Back to the top

1. Adaptive Restore 3.0- Helps you to restore your system backup image on completely different hardware to where the backup was originally made.

Contains the P2P Adjust OS Wizard which is: -

Essential for moving from an old PC to a new PC, whilst keeping all your programs and settings intact and avoiding frustrating reinstallations

2. WinPE 3.0 Recovery Environment- Up-to-date version of the Windows Pre-installation environment.

  • Created solely to boot computers with no functioning operating system.
  • Once you boot a computer into WinPE it is used to prepare for Windows installation and then to initiate Windows Setup.
  • Has the ability to add third-party drivers on the fly if your hardware is not supported by default.
  • Includes Win. 7 Kernel – meaning highly compatible hardware support of current and emerging devices. Making Paragon a future-proof backup and recovery solution.

New! Better Network Support for WinPE 3.0
WinPE 3.0 recovery environment can easily establish network connections within your private network . If you store your backups on a network attached storage (NAS) or on a different computer in your network, you can easily access the backups directly from the Paragon recovery environment.

3. Features four convenient options for data recovery and operating systems:
This is a huge advantage in ensuring that as long as a backup has been made, you can restore from nearly all variations of PC disaster: whether it relates to the hardware, missing drivers, problem with newly installed application and more.

These environments include:

1. DOS-Recovery CD
Perfect recovery solution for when there have been problems with interfering hardware settings or serious problems on the hardware level.

2. Linux-Recovery CD
This is a very convenient and fast recovery environment that can be used when hardware settings don’t change.

3. Windows Preboot Environment (Win PE)
A. If you change the hardware or experience booting problems after restore has occurred – this recovery media allows you to fix those issues:

  • P2P Adjust Wizard is available for making the restore compatible with new hardware (adding drivers on the fly – during restore).
  • Start Boot Corrector – This makes the system bootable.

B. If the backup is located on a network drive (like a home-NAS) then you will need the WinPE medium in order to generate a network connection which is not available in the Linux environment.

4.Backup - Capsule
A. As Windows no longer provides a Media Kit anymore, it is sensible to create a hidden partition and image the system there. Data should always be stored on an external media as well as the complete im
B. In the event that a newly installed application is causing more problems than it should – a quick change in the Bios (boot from Backup Capsule) will help you to restore the system to the last state that it was backup to.

System Requirements Back to the top
Platform Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8

Windows® 8 (32/64-bit),Windows® 7(32/64-bit), Windows® Vista(32/64-bit); Windows XP Professional(32/64-bit),Windows® XP Home, Windows® 2000 SP4; Intel Pentium CPU or equivalent,300 MHz or high processor, 256 MB or greater RAM, 250MB Disk Space (during installation additional free space (up to 1GB) will be required); for WinPE rescue environment (recommended Intel Pentium III CPU or equivalent, with 1000MHz processor clock speed, 512MB or greater RAM;SVGA video adapter and monitor, Keyboard,Mouse, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; Additional for the rescue environment: BIOS environment for booting CDs/DVDs or USBs.

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