Photos on TV

Photos on TV


Turn your photo album into a slideshow extravaganza

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Photos on TV makes it easy to create entertaining photo slideshows to watch on your TV.

Turn your photos into amazing slideshows that include music, transitions, captions, narration and stunning effects in only three easy steps. See for yourself just how simple it is to create your very own interactive photo album.

Import & Edit
Import photos straight from your digital camera, DV Camcorder or scanner. You can organise the order and transitions of the pictures in your show, as well as changing the size of your photos and editing them to have them looking better than new in no time.

Design Your Own Show
Choose one of the themed templates and get all the aspects of an entertaining slideshow. Then get creative and personalise your presentation with your own narration, sound effects, music and special morphing options to create spectacular viewing.

Burn & Share
Burn your finished slideshow onto VCD and watch your personalised shows on TV in the comfort of your living room. Your slideshow disc will play on standard DVD players. You can even burn them onto CD.

  • Integrated photo editing, including functions such as: resizing, colour adjustment, sharpness, rotation etc.
  • Variety of different sound effects, transitions, pre-prepared templates and background images.
  • Image animation produces brilliant effects.
  • Recording function enables you to use your own sound effects, speech and music.
  • Insert animated text.
  • Supports all commonly used graphics formats.
  • Burn your completed slide shows on a VCD for viewing on TV, using most DVD players, or burn them on CD
  • Easy-to-use with virtual assistants.
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 1
Platform Windows 2000, Windows Millenium, Windows XP, Windows 98 SE
  • Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP Home
  • Intel or AMD Athlon 600 MHz (1.1 GHz recommended)
  • 8 MB RAM AGP video card
  • Minimum 100 MB disk space
  • 700 MB for CD-Burning
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended)
  • CD-R/R(W)
  • 16 bit Soundcard
  • 1024x768 graphic resolution.

"Photo slideshow software seems to be all the rage at the moment. The latest example, GSP's Photos On TV, is the cheapest we've seen. The program works well enough and even manages to offer one feature that we haven't seen in any of its rivals. You start work by importing your photos into the program's Selection window, along with any music files you might want to use for your slideshow's soundtrack. You can then drag and drop photos and music files quickly on to the Storyboard panel that runs along the bottom half of the workspace and is similar to the storyboard option included in many video-editing programs. Once that's done, you can add transition effects or captions, and adjust settings such as the speed of transitions or music volume. The transitions include a fairly routine selection of fades and wipes, but there is one burst of originality in the form of a morphing option that lets you blend one photo into another. The final step is to burn your slideshow to a CD or DVD so that you can give it to family or firends. The program provides a good selection of templates for creating DVD menus. Photos On TV is excellent value if you just want to create CD or DVD slideshows."
Computer Shopper, Issue 225

"The premise of Photos on TV is to make it easy to create slideshows that can be viewed on your telly. Creating a slideshow was a simple enough affair, and the various tools are all easy to access and set up. The interface was well laid out and intuitive."
Computer Act!ve, Issue 221

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