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Poser 10


Easily Create 3D Character Art & Animation!

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Are you ready for the next face of Poser?


Poser 10 provides the world’s easiest way to create captivating 3D digital art and animations with 3D figures. Poser comes with 5GB of figure content and you can even customise characters using facial photographs.

Animate and render scenes into photorealistic images or cartoon 3D imagery for web, print and film.

Poser is ideal for beginners in 3D animation, graphic artists and illustrators. Perfect for hobbyists looking to get creative with 3D, or refine their skills to enthusiast level.

Create Character Art & Animations In 3 Easy Steps Back to the top

1. Add 3D Characters & Dress The Stage
Add 3D people and characters straight from the library. Customise those characters using facial photographs; even add dynamic hair and clothing. Build a 3D scene on Poser’s virtual stage with props and backgrounds. Then arrange your lighting and cameras.

2. Pose & Animate
Pose your figures joint by joint. Automatically generate walking and running animations or talking characters. You can even import motion capture files for more action.

3. Polish & Render
Animate your lights and cameras to tell the perfect story, then render scenes into photorealistic images or videos for web, print and film projects.

New Feature Content Back to the top

New User Interface
Poser’s new clean and easy user interface presents all the tools you will need in a concise layout that takes full advantage of various screen resolutions. The interface layout provides a clean work environment so you the artist can focus on the project in hand. All controls are contained in floating palettes that can be docked for consistency, session to session, or floated to free up space.

New Pixar Subdivision Surfaces
We've integrated Pixar's OpenSubdiv library to provide Pixar Subdivision Surfaces, with user definable subdivision levels per prop, figure or even individual body part. Subdivision improves bending fidelity, smooths polygonal surfaces and improves performance by enabling lighter poly-count content. Poser includes a new Unimesh skinning method to support subdivision on figures with compliant geometry. Rendering Speed Improvements

The Firefly render engine has been optimised for faster performance when Raytracing.

New Bullet Physics
Bullet Physics simulates Rigid Body dynamics, Soft Body dynamics, and dynamic strand based hair. Create rigid simulations with constraints to build complex mechanical interactions. Paint softbody constraint weights to animate. Add jiggle and bounce to any prop or character. Use the Live Simulation mode to preview dynamics in real-time, or calculate simulations to include in rendered animations.

New Comic Book Preview Mode
Use Poser's exciting new Colour and B&W Comic Book Preview for static or animated toon imagery. This feature will enable you to create comic art with fantastic line control and colour, or clean black and white outlines with persistent shading even when rotating or animating your point of view.

New 9 New Human & Cartoon Figures
Also included are two new humans utilising magnets with weight maps and polygonal detailing optimised for SubD. Seven new 3D cartoon figures with incredible facial expressions and personality, worthy of an on-screen cameo in Hollywood, are also part of the included content.

New Magnet & Deformer Weight Map Support
Poser's Magnets and Deformers have always been a powerful tool for modifying and animating figures and props. Now with Weight Maps, deformers are even more useful with extraordinary vertex level precision.

New Magnet & Deformer Weight Map Painting Tools
Control the power of Poser's new Magnet and Deformer Weight Maps with painting tools that enable vertex by vertex editing. With the added precision of Weight Maps, deformers can be subtly edited to create brilliant content.

And so much more...

Key Features Back to the top

Full Scene Category In Library
Add your perfect scene environment with settings, lights, cameras, props, dependencies and render settings into the library. From there your new scenes can be dragged directly from the library into the Poser workspace.

Over 5GB of Poser Content
Poser includes a complete collection of well organised, easy to find content supplied by talented third-party content artists, as well as created by the Smith Micro team of 3D artists. Fully articulated human skeletons that match the male and female figures body topology are included along with artist manikins, animals, dinosaurs, a dragon, robots, vehicles, toy and cartoon characters; over 140 ready-to-pose figures in total. Various new poses, animations, light sets, props and accessories top help you get started are included in the Poser content installers.

Content Management Library
Poser’s library makes accessing content easy and accurate, presenting all content by category with expanding previews and providing additional data for each content item. The keyword search function makes finding content fast and category lists can be scrolled through with cursor keys for convenience. Content items can be loaded into a scene using the traditional Poser UI controls or can be dragged directly from the library into the scene.

Multi-select Drag-and-Drop From Library
Select several items of clothing from the library and drag them right onto a figure and auto-conform them in one step. You can even multi-select a hairstyle, several clothing items and a pose all at once, then click and drag them right onto your target figure.

Expanded Context Menus
Poser’s expanded Context Menus will vastly improve interaction and scene creation, and changes the way you work with Poser forever. Six unique Context Menus have been developed for Figures, Actors, Objects, Lights, Cameras and Backgrounds to provide quick access to the lost useful menu operations.

Multi-select Drag-and-Drop From Library
Select several items of clothing from the library and drag them right onto a figure and auto-conform them in one step. You can even multi-select a hairstyle, several clothing items and a pose all at once, then click and drag them right onto your target figure.  

Expanded Context Menus
Poser’s expanded Context Menus will vastly improve interaction and scene creation, and changes the way you work with Poser forever. Six unique Context Menus have been developed for Figures, Actors, Objects, Lights, Cameras and Backgrounds to provide quick access to the lost useful menu operations.

Morph Tool Tablet Support
Poser now comes with Wacom tablet support into the Morph Tool so you can have much finer control when creating morphs. This has made the Morph Tool even more powerful and precise.

Grouping Objects
Need a way to move, scale or hide a bunch of objects in a Poser scene, at the same time? Now you can simply add any number of scene elements, from figures and props to lights, into a Grouping Object. They can be moved, rotated, scaled and animated or even hidden and revealed. Create multiple Grouping Objects to hold different areas of a scene, or related props and figures. Adding selected scene elements into any Grouping Object is easy using our powerful new Context Menu controls. This significant new feature will change how you manage your scenes, providing you plenty of control over whole groups of objects in that scene.

Constraint Channels & Constraint Objects
For our animators that have been looking for a way to animate a ball being throw or caught, we've introduced Constraint Channels and Objects. Basically, the Constraint is an animatable handle for an object that will allow you to parent it to a figure's hand as it winds up for the throw, and then have the object leave the hand and fly through the air as if it's being thrown. Constraints are a simple to use feature that will permit all kinds of cool animation effects.

Frame Object Camera
In complex scenes it can be a little challenging to keep your camera focused on an area that you're working on using Poser's original camera controls. To help out, we've introduced the Frame Object Camera. With the click of a button, your current camera will zoom in on the selected object, allowing you to take a closer look exactly where you're working. This will make it easier to navigate in and out of your deep scenes and help you save time when creating them.

Rotate Object Mode
A companion feature to the new Frame Object Camera, Poser also includes a new Rotate Object mode. Simply toggle on the Rotate Object mode and your current camera will rotate around the centre point of the currently selected object. This makes it even to focus on a selected element, and view it from every direction by spinning Camera trackball.

Normal Mapping
Normal Mapping is a resource-efficient technique to add the appearance of complexity and surface detail to 3D objects. It can transform object surfaces, making them appear more intricate than they actually are, without the added overhead of polygonal detail. This will save designers valuable time and offers increased creative flexibility by allowing faster and more light-weight computation of rendered detail.

Real-time OpenGL Scene Preview
With Poser OpenGL improvements, you'll see accurate, real-time previews of Spot, Point, Infinite and IBL (Image Based Lights) Lights, Soft Shadows, with Ambient Occlusion, Normal Maps and Back Facing Polygons in a Gamma Corrected scene. The Light Properties control allows you to toggle specific lights to preview in the scene, with accumulated brightness for each selected light. MIP Map support improves performance when previewing large textures. Our OpenGL hardware improvements preview textures more efficiently, with reliable onscreen display of lights, shadows and colour, for smarter interactive scene creation.

Weight Map Rigging
High-end professional 3D applications like Max and Maya have set the standard for Weight Map Rigging, and now Poser provides the most open vertex Weight Mapping support available to Poser users today. Weight Map Rigging offers several benefits including smoother bending folds and bulges with vertex by vertex control over every bend or bulge. Weight Maps can be added to any joint bend, to twist and scaling channels and can be used to control bulges. Plus, Poser takes the standard of Weight Map Rigging several steps further with support for Hybrid Joint Rigging (combining traditional Poser Sphere/Capsule Zones with Weight Maps), using either single mesh geometry or traditionally grouped geometry, and enables Weight Maps or zones to affect any number of body parts beyond the current joint. Poser's new Weight Map Rigging provides a platform that will support third party figures that use Weight Mapping, by expanding the open, well documented and easily editable Poser PZ3 file format, to encourage creativity and user driven enhancements to Poser figures.

Subsurface Scattering
Skin, wax and marble are just some of the materials that are translucent when struck by light. To recreate this subtle yet crucial effect when rendering these materials in Poser, we've incorporated a set of easy to configure SubSurface Scattering Material Nodes. New Nodes include SubSurface Skin, Fast Scatter, and basic Scatter. The Scatter Node includes a number of optimised pre-sets for Skin, Marble, Milk, Fruit and Vegetables. With Poser's new SubSurface Materials, you'll transform your scenes into rendered masterpieces with lifelike translucent surfaces.

Cross Body Part Morph Creation
With Poser comes a significant improvement in the current Morphing Tool. Now you can dial in a Morph Brush and paint morphs across body parts. Save that set of individual body part morphs as a single Full Body Morph channel in the figure's Parameters. Easily create effects such as muscle bulges, scales, bumps, horns, veins or wounds; it's only limited by the imagination of the artist.

System Requirements Back to the top
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Windows® 8, 7, Vista™ or XP®
1.3 GHz Pentium 4 or newer
Athlon 64 or newer (1.65 GHz or faster recommended)
Windows® Internet Explorer® 7 or newer

Mac OS® X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9
1.5 GHz Intel Core processor (Core 2 Duo or faster recommended)

Common System Requirements:
1 GB system RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
OpenGL enabled graphics card or chipset recommended (recent NVIDIA GeForce and ATI Radeon required for advanced real-time preview features)
24-bit colour display, 1440 x 900 minimum resolution
3 GB free hard disk space (6 GB recommended)
DVD-ROM drive
Internet connection required for Content Paradise
Adobe® Flash® Player 11 or newer

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