Stellar Phoenix Wipe Mac

Wipes the selected data from any Macintosh OS based hard drive..

Stellar Phoenix Wipe Mac
Wipes the selected data from any Macintosh OS based hard drive..
Wipes the selected data from any Macintosh OS based hard drive..

  • Completely wipes and deletes Internet browsing data, such as Temporary Internet files, Cookies, Page history, Form values etc.Windows
  • Capable of wiping individual files as well as the entire folder.
  • Wipes system traces such as access logs, installation logs, and console logs.
  • Allows the user to select the wiping algorithm.
  • Allows to schedule the wiping process.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X10.4 and later versions.

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Mac File Eraser application enables the user to erase the selected folders, files, entire logical drive, system traces and all the Internet traces. It also allows the user to manually wipe the Mac files or set a schedule for performing the wipe process.

Stellar Wipe Mac wipes off every evidence of data in such a manner that no data recovery application could recover it. The Mac Data Wiping Software provides the users an option to select amongst several wiping algorithms available and is capable of wiping system traces such as access logs, install logs, console logs, etc.

Stellar Wipe Mac is available with a wide variety of options that enables the users to select the wiping type option according to their needs. These include Wipe File, Wipe Folder, Wipe Free Space, Wipe Internet activity, Wipe System traces, Wipe Instant Messaging, Wipe Recent File Histories.

Stellar Wipe Mac wipes every kind of data including recent file histories, instant messaging, Internet browsing data, system traces, and unused space

  • Wipes Internet browsing data stored by Web browsers, such as: Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, Page History, and Form Values.
  • Wipes data from different Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Camino, Opera OmniWeb, Safari, Flock, Google Chrome, iCab, and Navigator.
  • Wipes traces of Adobe Flash Player.
  • Wipes individual files or entire folders.
  • Wipes all the recent Instant Messages (Adium, aMSN, Fire, AIM, iChat, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Microsoft Messenger, Skype, Proteus).
  • Wipes Recent File Histories (All Applications, Finder, Disk Utility, iTunes, iPhoto, Quick Time, Preview, VLC, Mplayer).
  • Wipes system traces such as access logs, install logs, and console logs.
  • Wipes unused space to increase the efficiency of the hard drive.
  • Choice of selecting a Wiping algorithm.
  • Provides you an option to wipe the files manually or fix a schedule to wipe any particular file or folder at specified time

Wiping Options

  • Wipe File : This option wipes the files that are selected. You can select both an individual file or any number of files for wiping.
  • Wipe Folder :This option can be used to wipe off the selected folders containing files from the source path.
  • Wipe Free Space : You can use this option to wipe off unfilled sectors of the cluster. This removes all traces of deleted data in the unused space of the system. All you need to do is just select a volume from which you wish to wipe off free space and click 'Wipe'.
  • Wipe Internet Activity : Using this feature, you can wipe all the files related to/ stored in Internet Browser. These files may include Temporary Internet files, cookies, download list, Internet cache, etc.
  • Wipe System Traces : This feature allows you to wipe all system related information from the Operating system, such as System related logs.
  • Wipe Recent File Histories : This feature facilitates complete wiping of the history for recently accessed files.
  • Wipe Instant Messaging : With the use of this feature, you can permanently wipe all the chat messages stored, such as login time, logout time, messages received, messages sent etc.
  • Settings : This option is available in the 'Tools' menu.
  • Wipe algorithm : Wiping algorithm is the method used by the software to wipe your files. You can choose amongst a number of wiping algorithms available, such as Zeroes(default), Pseudo random, US Air Force, AFSSI S020, Russian Standard – GOST, US Army AR 380-19, etc. You can set the wiping algorithm as per your needs.
  • Set Scheduler : With 'Set Scheduler' feature, you can fix a specific time or intervals of time to perform wipe process of files.

Log Report : This option provides you with the log report of the wiping task. You can view, save or discard the log report

Use Stellar Wipe Mac software to remove every sign or trace of data from the system. This Mac Data Wiping Software is available in two both Demo(free) version and Full version. The Demo version offers free evaluation of the software. You can download the Full version of the software to experience its full functionalities and features.

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 1
Platform Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Processor: Intel G4 or later
RAM: 256 MB recommended
Hard Disk: 25 MB of free space

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