The Portrait Photography Course Book

The Portrait Photography Course Book


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Author: Mark Jenkinson
Format: Paperback


The Portrait Photography Course is an essential guide to the principles, practice and techniques of portrait photography. The ability to create an effective portrait is probably the single most important skill any aspiring photographer must master. Few professional photographers, whatever their area of specialisation, can hope to have a successful a career without ever being called upon to create a likeness of another person. Presented and written by a leading portrait photographer, and serving as a practical self-teaching course, this book offers a series of tutorials and assignments designed to build a beginner portrait photographer's experience, and get started on a rewarding career. There are tutorials for every aspect of studio and location work in detail, from establishing mood and personality to lighting scheme diagrams, equipment options, and digital retouching. A must-have for all photography enthusiasts.

“A good balance of text, illustrative diagrams and photography. With over 200 pages of advice and a guide price of £20, it represents excellent value for money. 5*” – Digital SLR Photography

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