The TriPad

The TriPad


A different kind of stand for Cameras and Laptops, create your own portable studio everywhere you go!

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The TriPad is a revolutionary portable workspace and camera mount solution for creative professionals and hobbyists. The TriPad conveniently slips over your tripod to create a platform for all your valuable equipment! Makes tethering your laptop to your camera so simple!


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Lightweight and compact, the TriPad allows you to place your laptop, lenses or gadgets in a safe place, just like if you would in your own studio. There is a lot to love about the TriPad, but do you know what people love most? Its simplicity.

The simple design allows you to mount it on your tripod in just a few seconds and makes it easy to carry wherever your job or passion takes you. Two sturdy hard plastic pieces and just 1.7 seconds of your time to assemble.

The pull out extensions will ensure you can have your gadgets and your favourite drink with you without the need of an extra table and always keeping them safe. Located on each side, one is perfect for the beverage of your choice, while the other side is a solid surface perfect for a mouse, keys, or anything you need readily available.

TriPad will be a breath of fresh air from the moment you see it – and absolutely indispensable from the moment you use it.


How often do you get to your computer only to realize that the picture or video you thought was perfect on your 3-inch screen is actually hideous on your 15-inch screen? Imagine being able to view your work on a screen 5X the size of most cameras right where you shoot!

Instead of re-working the same shots when you get back home or to the office, why not do it live? This is especially good for sports capture or anything where you are looking for a very specific look or shot. What are you going to do with all that free time you used to spend on editing?

This product is currently out of stock

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