Theory Test Express

Theory Test Express


The UKs best Theory Test download PC software product for car drivers and motorcycle riders.

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This is a cut-down version of the Theory Test Complete available for instant download (excludes Hazard Perception).  Perfect for learner drivers who just want to practise the theory test questions, and those who need to revise in a hurry. 


THEORY TEST (Cars and Motorcycles)

  • Contains all 1265 Official DSA Theory Test revision questions, answers and explanations (GB and NI) for car drivers and motorcycle riders with professional voice over throughout.
  • 3 Study and practice quiz learning programmes for car drivers and 1 for motorcycle riders.
    Learn the knowledge and test your understanding using each of the Official questions, in the following ways – no other product offers this level of flexibility!
    • As the information is presented in the Highway Code - (the only product in the UK to provide this).
    • Following the 14 DSA Categories
    • According to your first 12 Driving Lessons
  • Case studies for each of the 14 DSA Categories
  • 14 pre-set or unlimited randomly generated Mock Theory Tests each specially designed to give a properly balanced set of Official questions together with a Case Study of 5 questions exactly like the real test. The tests are designed to cover all the theory you need so if you’re in a hurry you can learn everything you need just by taking these 14 tests
  • Unique Mock Theory Test review facility with question re-try option and pop-up hint information linking our Highway Code Plus and the DSA's Official answer explanations.

Sync results between the PC software and the Free Theory Test App. Practise on both your mobile device and the PC and pass the results backwards and forwards. The only product currently available in the UK with this feature.


  • Interactive Highway Code plus supplementary notes for car drivers and motorcycle riders, all with professional voice over to view, search and print.
  • FREE LDC Highway Code eBook to search, extract or print.
  • FREE LDC Supplementary Notes eBook to search, extract or print containing the theory you need that isn’t in the Highway Code.


  • Comprehensive Tutorials about the signing system, signs, signals and road markings with professional voice over.
  • 3 interactive sign games (Puzzle, Memory & Quick Fire) to make the learning fun.
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Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
CPU: Pentium II 800.
Hard Drive Space: Minimum - 333mb
Memory: 128mb.
Graphics: 800 x 600 x 32 bit colour.
Audio: 16bit SoundCard.

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