Underground Ernie Fun Station

Underground Ernie Fun Station


Join Underground Ernie and friends in this fun-filled activity centre.

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Join Underground Ernie and friends in this fun-filled activity centre.

Packed full of games, puzzles and activities there's heaps of fun and excitement to keep Ernie fans challenged and entertained for hours!

Underground Ernie is based around the adventures of Ernie, a supervisor at International Station, and his colleagues, Millie and Mr Rails. In addition to these three popular human characters, there are a variety of train characters based on the names of London Underground lines; Victoria, Circle, Bakerloo, Jubilee and Hammersmith & City.

Ages 3+

Ernie - supervisor of the network and our ?hero' character. Dedicated to his work, ensuring that passengers get to their destinations safely and on time.

Millie - she operates the computer network and helps Ernie with his busy life. She is well travelled and speaks several languages.

Mr Rails - the loveable maintenance man who ensures everything is in proper working order.

From time to time Ernie and his team have visits from their international friends - Moscow, Paris, Brooklyn, Sydney, Osaka giving Underground Ernie and added global appeal.

8 Great games on one CD-ROM:

  • Print and colour
  • Wordsearch
  • Sliding Tiles
  • Snap
  • Jigsaw
  • Pairs
  • Spot the difference
  • Meet the cast
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 1
Platform Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Millenium, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium III 300 MHz or equivalent
  • 128MB RAM (256MB recommended for 2000/XP, 512MB for Vista)
  • 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
  • 700MB Hard Drive Space
  • 16-bit colour
  • 16-bit sound
Testimonials Back to the top

"If your youngsters are fans of the show, then they are sure to adore Underground Ernie International Fun Station. It's a collection of mini-games based around the series and its stars, which are all very enjoyable and easy to play. Remember, this is a title pitched at kids of three years plus, so the activities are simple and undemanding - basic jigsaws, spot-the-difference games and so forth. In the spot-the-difference game, for example, all the player must do is point at discrepancies between two images of an Underground Ernie character. They get pleasing sounds and voiced encouragement from characters as rewards. This is a great CD-Rom. Overall score *****"
Computer Act!ve, Issue 243

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