Victorian Mysteries - Yellow Room

Victorian Mysteries - Yellow Room


Yellow Room - How did the murderer escape?

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  • Based on the thrilling novel by Gaston LeRoux
  • Locate hundreds of useful objects to figure out clues
  •  Interact with a host of characters
  •  Solve challenging puzzles and mini-games


In 19th Century France, a young woman is the victim of a murderous attempt on her life. When authorities arrive, they find no trace of the assailant. What boggles them more is that the room is locked from the inside. How could the murderer escape without a possible exit?  

Follow along as a police detective and a journalist race to find the answers. Search through the chateau for clues and strive to solve this perplexing mystery. Locate useful objects, solve ingenious puzzles, and speak with key characters to work out what happened. Can you figure out how the assailant escaped? 

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  • Windows® XP/Vista/7 & Windows® 8
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1GB System RAM (it will run with 512MB)
  • MB Video RAM (128MB preferred)
  • DirectX 8

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