WhiteSmoke Writer 2010

WhiteSmoke Writer 2010


The Comprehensive English Writing Solution

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Whether you need quick and accurate grammar checking, an intelligent spell checker, or unique style checking to enhance your text, WhiteSmoke is an indispensable companion any time that you need to write.

WhiteSmoke Writer 2010 is an all-in-one tool for proofreading and editing your writing.
  • Grammar Checker Detect and correct tricky grammar errors.
  • NEW! Style Checker Improve your sentences, vocabulary, and writing style.
  • Spell Checker Fix typos and difficult to spell words.
  • NEW! Punctuation Checker Improve readability with accurate punctuation.
  • NEW! Error Explanations Learn from your mistakes with error explanations and English lessons
  • Works Everywhere Runs with MS Word, Outlook, and all other text-based applications.
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus - Get accurate word definitions, synonyms, and idiomatic phrases.
  • Letter Templates - Get started with over 600 letter templates
  • UK English version – Corrects spelling and grammar in UK English
  • FREE Translation Tool! – Translate any word from English into 20 languages!

Spot spelling and grammatical errors before anyone else does!

WhiteSmoke is perfect for anyone who needs to write clear and effective English

  • Use WhiteSmoke to proofread important emails you have to send to clients or to senior managers, to correct any embarrassing typos or errors in your grammar.
  • If you need to create content for a website or blog, WhiteSmoke can make sure the English is excellent and the punctuation is perfect!
  • For non-native English speakers, WhiteSmoke is essential in helping to create an effective CV or covering letter for your ideal job!
  • With its advanced spelling, grammar and punctuation checks, WhiteSmoke is a valuable tool to anyone who needs to write correct English.
What’s Included? Back to the top
WhiteSmoke Writer 2010 is an innovative proofreading and editing tool with a single aim – to help you write better. It works alongside all text-based applications, helps you write correct English every time.

WhiteSmoke Writer 2010 includes;

WhiteSmoke Writer – General - Small Box ShotGeneral Writing – The complete version of WhiteSmoke designed for general use

The General Writing profile is the perfect introduction to the world of WhiteSmoke Writer! This version includes the core grammar checker, spell checker, and style enhancement features common to all WhiteSmoke versions, and a dictionary–thesaurus and spelling database suitable for general writing needs. Click here to find out more.


WhiteSmoke Writer – Business - Small Box ShotBusiness Writing - Professional version for business correspondence - emails, reports and letters

The Business Writing profile is designed for all your business writing needs. This version includes the core features common to all WhiteSmoke versions, and a dictionary– thesaurus and spelling database tailored for business writing. Click here to find out more.


WhiteSmoke Writer – Creative - Small Box ShotCreative Writing - Artistic editing and enrichment for creative writers

The Creative Writing profile is the perfect version of WhiteSmoke for those writing fiction or other creative forms. This version includes the core features common to all WhiteSmoke versions, and a dictionary–thesaurus and spelling database with a wide range of entries suited to creative writing. Click here to find out more.


Multi-Lingual Dictionary – Translate into 20 different languages

The Multi–Lingual Dictionary plugs straight into all WhiteSmoke versions to give you instant translation of any single word into one of 20 different languages. For international and multicultural businesses and households, the WhiteSmoke Multi–Lingual Dictionary makes cross–referencing of words between languages easier than ever!

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 2010
Platform Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, Mac OS, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 32-bit
WhiteSmoke is compatible with almost any web or desktop application that allows you to enter text, including forums, social media networks and instant messaging applications.

Operating systems: Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista, Mac OS

MS Office 2000 or higher: Word, Access, Wordpad, Notepad, Word Perfect, Outlook, Outlook Express

Browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0, Firefox 2.0 and above, Safari MacOS x10.4 Tiger and above

If WhiteSmoke is installed on your computer but does not operate when clicking the F2 key, try to open Word/Notepad, add text and click the F2 key. If WhiteSmoke launches it means that the program you are trying to work with is not yet compatible with WhiteSmoke.

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