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If your PC is slow and has been running slowly for ages, then our range of PC utility software will help speed up your computer. Not only can they help speed up your computer, but titles such as Fix-It Utilities Professional also act as antivirus software which utilises cutting edge virus protection to keep your PC safe. Even in the event of your PC being compromised by a virus, Fix-It Utilities Professional includes a spyware removal tool to get you up and running as soon as possible.


As well as our ‘suite products’ that offer a range of tools to fix a slow PC, we also have a selection of more specific PC Software titles such as Driver Genius and ZoneAlarm. Driver Genius is one of the leading driver updating tools on the market. Missing or out of date drivers can be one of the biggest causes of a slow PC, Driver Genius helps to fix that by automatically updating your device drivers and backing them up to make sure they are never lost. You will be amazed how installing a couple of missing device drivers can speed up your computer.


Our ZoneAlarm Internet Security titles are purely focused on virus protection and contain a powerful antivirus and spyware protection engine. Combined with an advanced firewall and anti-spam technology, this is some of the most advanced internet security software available. Many of our customers won’t even know if they have a virus and need protection software, here are the top 10 signs to look out for:


  1. Computer Performance is slow
  2. Computer takes a long time to startup
  3. You see Toolbars and Tray Icons you don’t recognise
  4. You get pop-up messages that say ‘Your computer is infected!’
  5. Your browser will keep crashing
  6. It won’t be possible to access your task manager
  7. Your computer preferences are ‘read only’
  8. You are denied access to the ‘Windows Registry Editor’
  9. CPU Usage will display at 100% all the time
  10. Autorun.inf will display in your local or external drive


If any of these symptoms are occurring and your PC is slow then it’s not too late. You can still install one of our Zone Alarm products and use its virus protection and spyware removal tools to help fix your PC and speed it up.


So if you have a slow PC and want assistance with speeding up your computer, take a look at our range of great titles and pick one that suits your needs. If you need more advice please contact our customer service team here.

ZoneAlarm Extreme 2015
The Most Comprehensive Suite on the Market. Protects Your PC, Your Browser and Your Data!
OneSafe Uninstaller
Completely uninstall programs, leftover files and privacy information easily !
Smart Privacy Cleaner
Making sure your private information stays secure!
Steganos Password Manager™
Automatically stores and inserts passwords. Fast and secure on PCs and Smartphones
Steganos Privacy Suite
Safe, Password Manager and TraceDestructor in one. Protect your data and privacy
Steganos Safe™
Keeps your sensitive data under lock and key. On PCs, in networks, and in the cloud
System Mechanic 17
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
System Mechanic 17 Pro
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
Steganos Online Shield VPN
The Internet how I want it. Safe. Private. Ad-free.