Ability Office V8

A complete office software Suite

Ability Office V8

  • Everything required in Office Software – Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation.
  • Compatible – Loads and saves Microsoft Office 2016 and earlier file formats.
  • So Easy To Use – Instantly familiar; choose between traditional ‘menus and toolbars’, and Microsoft Office 2016 ‘Ribbon’ style - no training required.
  • Cloud Storage – Directly open from or save to the ‘cloud’ with built-in Dropbox support.
  • Free Lifetime Support – Free email technical support for life.
  • Easy PDF Creation – Save to PDF from within any Ability Office application.


Write — Microsoft® Word compatible word processing

Gives you everything you need to create, edit and produce better-looking letters, reports, quotations, memos, mailings and newsletters. Write has all the features that you would expect from any top quality word processor — spell checker and thesaurus, bulleted and numbered lists, frames, tables, autocorrect, autospell, headers and footers, numerous paragraph and font options, interactive rulers, intelligent drag and drop editing, short-cut menus for easy text revision, the capacity to include graphics, spreadsheets and charts, plus a whole host of other essential features. Write also supports a wide range of file formats for export and import and is compatible with *.doc and *.docx file formats (Microsoft® Office 2016 and earlier).

Spreadsheet — Microsoft® Excel compatible spreadsheet

The perfect tool for managing all your numerical data, whether business information, home finances, complicated calculations or homework problems. To help you make sense of your figures, Ability incorporates all the essential elements users need from a spreadsheet program, as well as a range of advanced features — such as pivot tables and macros — to make working with numerical data as easy and clear as possible. Compatible with both *.xls and *.xlsx file formats (Microsoft® Office 2016 and earlier).

Presentation — Microsoft® Powerpoint compatible slideshow presentation

The ideal application for creating professional slideshow presentations, with a wide range of visual and text effects ensuring that your message is delivered with maximum impact. Make your presentations as simple or as sophisticated as you need with the combination of Ability’s familiar design interface and rich creative feature set enabling production of the highest quality presentations. Compatible with both *.ppt and *.pptx file formats (Microsoft® Office 2016 and earlier).

Photo Album - Creating an album

Ability Photoalbum is a picture management tool that enables you to display, categorize and sort all of your pictures, photographs and images.

Here are some of the things you can do with Photoalbum:

  • Easily locate Folders, ensuring quick access to the pictures you want to see.
  • Categorize your pictures into Albums e.g. holiday memories in one album, family occasions in another.
  • Designate frequently referred to pictures or albums as Favorites for instant access.

Save as PDF

As a major added benefit, create universally accepted Adobe® PDF files from within any relevant Ability application, allowing secure delivery of original documents and making it quick and easy to publish documents online.




Write - Word Processing

  • Compatible with Microsoft® Word 2016 and earlier
  • PDF or XPS export for your documents
  • AutoSpelling, AutoCorrect & Grammar Checking
  • Vector Drawing layer, Autoshapes, Linked Frames & Tables
  • Indexing, TOC, Sections, Task Panes & WriteFX effects

Spreadsheet - Spreadsheets

  • Compatible with Microsoft® Excel 2016 and earlier
  • PDF or XPS export for your spreadsheets
  • Pivot Table Wizard, Vector Drawing layer, Autoshapes
  • Over 250 built-in functions & 25 different chart types
  • Set Print Area, Page Break Previews, Cell Property Pane

Presentation - Slideshow Presentations

  • Compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint 2016 and earlier
  • PDF, XPS, HTML Web-Album & Image export for your slides
  • Thumbnail Outliner, Slide Sorter & Master Slide View
  • AutoShapes, Pictures, Charts & WriteFX effects
  • Spell Checking & Thesaurus
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PLUS! Only in Pro Version: 

  • Ability Database: a powerful data management system

  • Ability PhotoPaint: a feature-rich photo and image editor that will instantly feel familiar, both in interface and functionality, to users of Adobe® Photoshop

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 8
Platform Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • PC suitable for running these operating systems
  • 150MB hard disk space