Audials Music 2020

Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter

Audials Music 2020
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter

  • Record All Audio Streams from the Internet

  • Convert multimedia files: music, audiobooks

  • Record and Save Music Fast in High Quality

  • Record music from paid streaming services. All media always in the right file format for PC, smartphone and tablet.

  • NEW! Import, explore and export playlists from YouTube & Spotify


Record music and films from paid streaming services. All media always in the right file format for PC, smartphone and tablet.

What is Audials Music the Best at? 
With Audials Music, you can record the protected music streams of all music services and also the audio streams of websites. Music tracks are separated individually and saved as MP3 files with all ID3 tags and without commercials.

Audials Music Platinum also records protected streams for films and TV series from online media libraries and all video streams in top quality. The recordings are saved in any desired format for PC, smartphone or tablet with all film tags included.

Perfectly Manage and Enjoy Media! 
Audials enriches your music tracks by automatically adding complete ID3 tags, album images and song lyrics. With Audials Music, you can manage multiple music collections and browse through them visually in the music universe with its photos of artists.

With Audials, movies and TV series are automatically named and supplemented with tags for the video title, DVD cover image, genre, year, cast, director, producers, scriptwriter, production company and country of origin. Filling up mobile devices and clouds with music is like child's play. You can comfortably enjoy all your media in the Audials player

Music Wishes

Ideal Combination of Quick Direct Download and Targeted Radio Recording Provides You with All Hits and Music Albums 
With Audials One you can get 20 millions music tracks legally and for free! No other software fills your hard disk so quickly with the newest hits and the music you desire from 120 genres and every era.

Find and save songs from Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Tidal, Deezer and other streaming services as a private copy.

Audials Artist Directory Offers You a Whole World of Music 
You can access the complete discographies of your favorite stars with all their hits and albums by, for example, entering the name of a band or by using a special category for the top artists of a specific genre. With hardly any effort at all, you can have Audials deliver you the entire life works of a particular musician. In addition, Audials also offers chart hits and even samplers to choose from.


Music Search

Get Individual Hits Fast and Full Albums with Direct Downloading 
Audials One is exclusive as the only software in the Audials family to offer the fastest option of downloading directly with video-to-audio conversion from well-known audio and video portals. This enables you to get music in MP3, WMA or AAC file format legally and free of charge.

A Universe of Music to Search for New Artists 
Only with Audials One do you get both your favorite artists as well as suggestions for similar music. Audials displays photos of bands and artists that are comparable to the musician you have entered. The artist directory offers an extensive selection with over 1,450,000 artists.


Save Music

Audials Records Everything You Hear Online! 
Music tracks from your music streaming services are recognised as music, recorded from the stream and automatically saved with tags. Whenever you listen to a song on a website or in the player of a streaming program, Audials can record it for you and automatically save it.

Record Music Streams Perfectly at Double Speed! 
Only Audials can play music streams at double speed for recording them without any loss of quality! Containing no commercials and with perfect volume adjustment, Audials automatically records the music stream and saves it in top quality and with all ID3 tags to your hard disk, directly to the cloud or on your smartphone in any of the main audio file formats.

Universal Converter

Audiobooks Lasting Hours Converted in Minutes!
With Audials Music, you can convert audiobooks with or without chapters for all devices. To do this, Audials uses audio book libraries as a virtual CD drive. Using virtual burning, Audials then saves audiobooks as MP3 files in top quality.

Only the Best Quality for Converting Audio Files
Audials Music has a unique innovation so that the quality of your music and audiobooks doesn´t suffer. With PerfectAudio we give you our promise of quality with a well-developed process that only allows for top results. During recording-based conversions, for example, Audials Music records the audio file multiple times and compares it with the original until the result is perfect. There are 40 audio file formats to select from.

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NEW! Music

  • Download Spotify in up to 15 times speed

  • Music search to load music in a few seconds from music video portals and from Spotify and the function music wishes

  • import, explore and export playlists from YouTube & Spotify

  • get the best sound quality (for example, "Master" from Tidal in lossless 96kHz/24bit)

  • enjoy charts from all websites directly via link in Audials

User interface adjustments and optimal placement of functions.
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Version 2020
Platform Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB hard drive space
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DSL internet access