Audials Music 2022

Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter

Audials Music 2022
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter
Recorder for Music Streaming Including Audio Converter

  • Listen to and save your favorite songs from the main streaming services (Youtube, Spotify, Deezer etc.)
  • Enjoy music streams but also radios, podcasts and audio books 
  • Take advantage of the easy, fast and legal way to download
  • Enjoy ultra HD audio quality
  • Create and customize your music and audiobook library
  • Convert audio files on PC, smartphone and tablet!
  • NEW! Record with greater accuracy
  • NEW! Improved support for Tidal


Audials Music : Your music online, ready for download !


1. Streaming allows you to record music from websites and fee-based services

The Audials recorder can download music from websites and subscription services. You can therefore make recordings in MP3 format and listen to them in your media library.


2. Convert in no time to the desired format with the universal converter

The Audials Universal Converter cleverly handles all formatting issues for music and audio book files. The universal converter then gives you the files in the right format to enjoy them on all your media: PC, smartphone and tablet.

3. The Media Library manages recordings on all your devices and via the Cloud

Audials gives you multiple options to create your own music collection. You get a variety of media management features for your PC as well as sending your files to the cloud to link directly to your tablets/smartphones. 


High resolution, fast and secure recording with Audials Music

Record music


Your own music library

Get the most out of your music stream with Audials Music

  • Save streams from music platforms as MP3, WMA or AAC files. 


Record music streams at high speed

  • Play Spotify™ music stream at double speed and record without loss of quality! Commercial-free, at optimal volume, in the best possible quality and with all ID3 tags.


Automatically detect advertising - and automatically remove it

  • Audials Music takes on the challenge of reliably removing advertising from music services during recording. 


Maintain perfect audio quality

  • Avoid a decrease in audio quality during conversions with PerfectAudio. Audials records the audio file several times during conversion. The new recording is compared with the original until the result is optimal. A total of 40 audio file formats are available.


Music management


Automatically categorize your music


An extended music universe

  • The Audials music universe displays for each musician, similar artists and bands with their picture. So you can easily expand your music collection by searching for similar music.


Sort thousands of music files

  • Create music collections by individual criteria. With a single click, reorganize your playlists, folders and file names in your music collection. 


All media files

  • Transfer audio files to another PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • In addition to recording, playback and editing, Audials Music can also sort media, transfer it to or make it available to other PCs.
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Make the most of your own music

  • A better overview of your favorite musicians, but you can also see the top hits on top. Read the corresponding playlists directly and discover similar artists more easily.  


Simplified music loading
  • Explore the complete discography of all the artists in the world, simply unfold all the albums to instantly play or save the tracks they contain.


Accurate recording
  • With the highest precision, you can effortlessly record continuous music with the best sound quality.

Better control of tags
  • Get more options for album tags before recording. If you set Audials to search for tags, it will find everything automatically and record them for you for the corresponding song. 
Improved support for Tidal
  • Music from Tidal is now additionally displayed under sources in the Load Music section. You can now load Tidal as easily via drag and drop as you can from Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.


Define file names and folders 
  • Define yourself how Audials will name your recorded files and apply your own rules. You can also define if and how Audials should divide recordings into folders.
More user-friendly duplicate management
  • Manage and adjust with the help of numerous options, such as searching, prioritizing or deleting your duplicates. 


Updated design
  • Options, windows, menus and the user interface view now have a new design. If you change something manually, it will immediately affect all areas of the program.
Completely redesigned settings area
  • Numerous adjustment options ensure smoother operation in a modern design.
Highly optimized for Windows 11
  • Rounded corners, soft color gradations: the modern design of Audials harmonizes with the new Windows 11. Of course, Audials is also functional on Windows 10.
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Version 2022
Platform Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB hard drive space for installation
  • broadband Internet access