Audials One 2022

The leading streaming recorder and media organizer

Audials One 2022
The leading streaming recorder and media organizer
The leading streaming recorder and media organizer
The leading streaming recorder and media organizer
The leading streaming recorder and media organizer
The leading streaming recorder and media organizer

  • Play and save your favorite music stream directly
  • Save streaming movies and TV shows to watch later
  • Enjoy over 100,000 radio stations, 20 million music tracks to stream
  • Choose content from your favorite platforms and encrypted channels (Deezer, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+...) for video streaming
  • Download at high speed and in high quality (ultra HD, HI-FI)
  • NEW! Easy download: Drag and drop your music and download 30x faster
  • NEW! Highly optimized for Windows 11
  • IMPROVED! New built-in web browser to automatically save multiple movies in a row.


Audials One : Music. Radio. Movies. TV


1. Record music from your favorite radio stations and streaming services over the Internet

100,000 Internet radio stations are at your disposal. In total, there are more than 350,000 podcasts from all over the world available.


2. Backup music and movies from websites and paid platforms

The Audials recorder downloads videos and music from the internet and subscription services. So you can convert files to MP3, MP4, but also record movies and TV series while you watch them.


3. Convert in no time to the desired format with the universal converter

Audials Universal Converter cleverly handles all formatting issues for music, audiobook, DVD and movie files. The Universal Converter then gives you the files in the right format to enjoy them on all your media: PC, smartphone and tablet.


4. Manage your recordings on all your devices and via the Cloud

Audials gives you multiple options to create your own private music and video collection. You get a variety of media management features for your PC as well as sending your files to the cloud to link directly to your tablets/smartphones.



Record music, video, podcast!


Music, Radio, Film and Television! Back to the top



Find, record and enjoy all the best radio stations.

  • Audials makes it easy to find 100,000 of the world's best Internet radio stations. You can search for your radio station by genre, by taste or by entering the name of your favorite artist.
  • Audials adds the title, album art and lyrics for each recorded song. Changing these tags manually is possible at any time. The radio recorder cuts the songs exactly from the radio stream without the contributions of moderators or advertisements.




Get individual results directly available for download.

  • Via the music search function, Audials scours the Internet to find your favorite songs.
  • Audials highlights top hits in the search results, then with a simple click on the "save" button, the download of the desired song begins.


Download music in a simple and optimized way

  • Drag and drop all your music to download in 1 click.
  • Audials automatically saves from each service and for each output format with the optimal format settings.


Musical preferences

The ideal combination of fast direct downloads and targeted radio recordings

  • Audials One gives you access to 20,000,000 songs. Audials can simultaneously search dozens of music sites and thousands of radio stations around the world to find your favorite music.
  • The podcast database offers over 350,000 audio and video podcasts. 
  • Audials One directly recognizes duplicates using song titles and tags.


Video recording

Audials records movies, TV series and videos from various websites. 

  • Automatically record your show and all other series on your streaming platforms, episode by episode using the autoplay feature in the streaming recorder. Save each season of your favorite show.



More efficient video download

  • Audials allows the browser to playback videos twice as fast and record without quality loss.
  • Always the best frame rate: The frame rate of the recording source is recognized fully automatically, so that no frames are lost.
  • Automatically named videos: Information about your recordings, such as the name of the film/series, actor, year of publication, genre, director, brief description, DVD cover, etc., is now automatically stored for all your recordings. 


Live TV

  • With Audials One, you can easily watch live streaming, as well as movies, series and documentaries online, and even record them in MP4, WMV or any other video file format.
  • Audials offers more than 300 live video streams from TV stations around the world. These include CNN for the United States, numerous BBC streams for the UK, NHK World for Japan and ARD for Germany. Italy is represented with RAI stations and Spain and other countries are also included.



Audio & Video format converter for all media and devices.

  • Audials is a universal converter for all audio and video formats and compatible with all your devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, netbook, notebook, ultrabook, game console and other playback devices).
What's new in Audials One 2022 Back to the top

Video and TV

Accurate video editor

  • Cut out ads very easily
  • Automatically detect and remove ads
  • Get rid of black bars


Adding subtitles

  • Subtitle search engine
  • Movie dialogues in all languages
  • Play videos with subtitles


Music and Radio

A simplified vision of music

  • Better overview of your favorite musicians
  • Discover new music from the most popular artists and numerous Audials ratings
  • Control which streaming services provide you with music
  • Set a priority for your favorite music sources


High resolution, rapidity, precision and security

  • More album label options before recording
  • With greater precision, you can effortlessly record continuous music with the best sound quality


More modernity

  • Rounded corners, soft color gradients
  • Harmonized with Windows 11
  • Numerous adjustment options ensure smoother operation
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 2022
Platform Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB hard drive space for installation
  • broadband Internet access