AutoSave Essentials

Never lose important data again

AutoSave Essentials
Starting with AutoSave Essentials is rapid. Fast setup, no hassle.
To restore or recover a file, or a set of files, just select your backup, and restore it to the original location.  You can also easily search for specific document, and drag it to your desktop or any othe

  • Follow the wizard and select what you want to save and where you want your back up
  • Automatically saves any types of documents – Photos, Emails, Videos, Documents and more
  • Runs continuously in the background to automatically protect your files
  • Creates a back up duplicate copy of your data, photos, music
  • Can be installed on up to 3 PCs!



AutoSave Essentials does what it says, it automatically saves (backs up) your essential files by creating a duplicate copy in the safest place you have specified. Save photos, save videos, save music, save documents, save emails - in fact save anything that is valuable. If you are the person responsible for your family’s memories or your company’s accounts or even general data, it may just save your life. Plus no complications, it is as easy as 1-2-3!3 PC LIcense

  • Set up : what you want to save where you want to save it
  • Save it : AutoSave Essentials automatically creates duplicate copies as often as you want
  • Restore it : if disaster does strike, everything AutoSaved is restored easily

Your valuable data can be saved locally, on external or remote network drives even an FTP site, without any hassle or fuss. AutoSave Essentials works in the background while you are doing other things. Computer people call this process a "back up", otherwise known as saving a copy in a safe place.

Who is it for? Back to the top

Anybody who has a PC with precious data…

  • For families

In the new digital world, losing any data can be a disaster, whether it’s photos, videos, financial records or your whole music library. You can't risk your valuable memories and digital assets that we all cherish by not protecting family pictures or videos. Want some proof? Pretend to your family or at work that the disk drive failed and you lost all the baby photos, the recipes passed down from generations, wills, emails from distant relatives, addresses, invoices … on second thoughts, don't. That wouldn't be funny even though we would be sure to have a new customer for AutoSave.  Do you have more than one PC in your family? No problem as AutoSave Essentials comes with a 3 User license to protect your whole family.

  • For laptop users

When traveling, not only is everything on your laptop at greater risk but your external backup storage is not connected. How does AutoSave work? Your files are always protected because all file modifications are tracked. Just connect to your backup device back at home, or to your network and all your files are automatically saved.

  • For small businesses

A computer has become an essential tool to run any business. Protecting customer files, emails, financial records is vital for all companies. But who in a small business has time to back up these important documents? What happens when the person is on holiday? The first question the boss will ask is: "Did you back it up"? With AutoSave the answer is yes.

How often have we heard people say :

  • I must remember to back up my music and photos this weekend … or this weekend …

  • Maybe having anti-virus and firewalls is good enough.

  • Nothing bad will happen to me, I'm OK

  • I think I backed up not so long ago

  • The only way I could lose those files is if someone broke into my house and stole my PC …

In fact, 26% of all lost computer data is caused by human error. For example, a friend of mine lost all their favorite internet sites, history and bookmarks when they upgraded to a new browser version recently. If only he had used AutoSave he could have taken the 3 steps to restore his data : now there is no excuse when being safe is as easy as 1-2-3 !

You save it once - and AutoSave will back it up automatically.

AutoSave Essentials in 5 points :

  1. Once the installation is completed, your data is immediately ready to be saved
  2. Over 90 % of backup plans are completed automatically,
  3. NO technical knowledge is needed i.e. you want to back up photos? AutoSave Essentials finds them for you,
  4. Integrated intelligence; you are protected in all situations and at all times, whether at home, in the office, or traveling,
  5. AutoSave Essentials runs in the background automatically protecting your data while you work. No need to remember to backup, AutoSave handles this automatically.

Avanquest's SmartBackup technology
AutoSave Essentials uses Avanquest's SmartBackup technology to protect your data.


Example 1: When traveling, your external backup storage is not connected. How does AutoSave work?




Your files are always protected because all file modifications are tracked. Just connect to your backup

device back at home, or to your network and all your files are automatically saved.


Example 2: Laptop is running on battery, concerned about your PC's battery life ?




When running on battery, AutoSave Essentials switches automatically to tracking mode to maximize battery life. When you connect to a power outlet your files will be automatically saved.

Easy as 1-2-3 Back to the top

1. Set up : what you want to save and where you want to save it.

2. Save it: AutoSave automatically creates duplicate copies as frequently as you want.

3. Restore it: if disaster does strike, everything backed up is restored with 1 button

Most people have an anti-virus program to protect them from attacks from the outside world. What about insurance against human error or a PC that crashes? AutoSave Essentials is the right answer for full data protection.

If your PC is lost, damaged or stolen, AutoSave can make sure you don’t lose a lifetime of photos, personal email and legal documents, and other important files.

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 3.5
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 10
  • Pentium 800 or equivalent
  • 256 Mo memory
  • 40 Mo of free disk space

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How often do you need to run a backup?
>> AutoSave will backup files Real-time and/or whenever it’s convenient.

What if I am not connected to my back-up drive?
>> AutoSave will go into tracking mode automatically, so that when you next connect, your data will be saved.