COLOR Projects Professional 6

Life has never been more colorful

COLOR Projects Professional 6

  • 208 Image recommendations and montages

  • Easy operation: Standalone, Filter Plug-in, 4K Interface, GPS
  • Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Selection and masking brush with automatic precise edge recognition
  • NEW! Create individual photorealistic textures with the texture converter


Sublimate all your photos

Do you want to develop enduring images as quickly as possible and with the least stress? COLOR projects 6 professional is your reliable partner for this task. How image processing should be: creative, easy, quick.

You don’t need to press a single button, understand controls or try out any functions to make your image seem more radiant. However, if you should want to tweak a setting or two, all options are available.

Modern interface

With the clearly structured high-tech toolbox of COLOR projects 6 professional you can create true masterpieces. You have the subtly balanced presets on the left and the expert filters on the right side. Arrange your favourite tools as you wish, even with 4K design. 

The integrated image suggestions are at the heart of COLOR projects 6 professional. In a matter of seconds, COLOR projects 6 professional analyses your images and creates 208 image suggestions – including all facets of modern photography and many retro styles.

Includes Photoshop filter plug-in

Many paths lead to COLOR projects 6 professional, now also including easy access from Adobe® Lightroom! New plug-ins for Adobe® Lightroom and Photoshop ensure outstanding convenience for your personal workflow. Just choose the image or image sequence you want from the Lightroom image data base, export these to COLOR projects 6 professional and then save the results back to the database.

The new photo styles include a range of new looks

Be inspired! With the very new vintage, half tone and poster looks, you are guaranteed to find the right style for your photo. And the best thing: you can also combine the different image styles – this gives many new and different image styles that you have created! 

Vintage effect: 

NEW! The new Kirlian lights give you new sources of inspiration

COLOR projects 6 professional thus comes with two completely new categories for additional light: Light FX and Kirlian. With a total of 38 new light effects, you can make every photo an eye-catcher: Kirlian lights simulate bright light edges which look like small flashes and perfectly visualise marine phosphorescence.

With the new light frames, you can conjure up a finished image in a matter of seconds – perfect for hanging on a wall or sending to close friends. With the light bokeh, you can conjure up the perfect background for your model and with the light penetration presets, you can make the final touches to your vintage images.

NEW! Soft skin and smart masks

Brand new in this version: SmartMask filter for intelligent, automatic masking of effects and newly developed Soft Skin filter for stunningly beautiful portraits. Select the most attractive look from the 23 portrait presets and go over the problematic skin areas with the brush, that’s it. The selection brush automatically recognises the eye parts and does not mask them. So the eyes always remain sharp!


NEW! Texture modul

The great new texture module enables you to fill surfaces with completely new materials. This opens up a new range of possibilities to you: stone walls become lush green areas, areas of water become ice and trains can be decorated with graffiti. 64 textures are already included in a database, however, you can also photograph your own texture and store it in the database.

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 6
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor Intel I5
  • 2 GB free memory, 
  • 2 GB HDD, 
  • Screen resolution 1.920 x 1.080 pixels, 
  • Graphic card: Direct-X-compatible,