inPixio Photo Cutter 10 - 1 year

Create photomontages in a few clicks

$29.99/ year
inPixio Photo Cutter 10 - 1 year
Create photomontages in a few clicks
Create photomontages in a few clicks

  • Cut out your photos easily
  • Crop your photos to your liking

  • Add a wallpaper from among the themes on offer or import your own images

  • 100 stickers and text templates

  • Import several images into your photomontages


inPixio Photo Cutter lets you produce creative and realistic photomontages in just a few clicks. All you have to do is:

1 - Import the photo of your choice;

2 - Cut out your image with a few strokes of the paintbrush;

3 - Add the new background of your choice.

Thanks to these powerful digital scissors, no more time is wasted cutting out your images down to the nearest pixel since Photo Cutter does it all for you. The time saved can be devoted to coming up with original photomontages that are bound to impress your friends and family.

Cutting out in a few clicks

With inPixio Photo Cutter, your digital scissors, cut out any detail, individual, object or even landscape in your photos. Select the outline of the person using the slider or the background to erase, and the Photo Cutter algorithm then runs automatically!

Conversely, you can use the "keep" slider for important features to make sure your cut-out is perfect. Even hair, drops of water and the finest details are removed from the background down to the nearest pixel.

Cut-out example:

Choose a background:

Then put the cut objects on the available backgrounds to make photomontages or collages in an instant! Just select your background pattern from the new original images, or download your own images for unique photomontages. New backgrounds are available in version 9 and plain backgrounds of each colour have been added.

Even easier use and infinite creations

You can now import multiple photos in a single edit for spectacular and unexpected results.

Also find over 100 stickers and text templates to add style to your photos and photomontages. Original content for every special occasion (birthdays, greetings, invitations, etc.). 

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Mini video Tooltips

To get the most out of Photo Studio 10's features, mini videos have been added to each of the software program's modules in the form of tooltips, making it easier and more effective to use. 

The old and new features of the program are explained in a fun and dynamic way. Simply hover over one of the features to reveal a demonstration of what you can do with it.


NEW! Help Tool 

A detailed and regularly updated database is now accessible in 1 click from the interface. This resource anticipates potential user questions and provides complete answers, once again to offer improved assistance. 

NEW! Video tutorials available for each Photo Studio module

To help you get the best out of the features of Photo Studio, tutorials have been added to a new section for user support, providing a simpler and more effective way to get started. 

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Interface and getting started
Added 30 explanatory mini-videos related to each module
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Simplified use with a few clicks and powerful algorithms
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NEW! Video tutorials integrated on Photo Studio
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InPixio Photo CutterInPixio Photo Cutter    
Cutting out your photos and images
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Creation of montages from your photos
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+ 100 stickers and text templates available
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Ability to import several photos in a single edit
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Import a background or choose from among those suggested
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InPixio Photo EraserInPixio Photo Eraser    
Correction Patch - Erasing or cloning features in detail areas
Erasing of objects, characters, or landscapes
Erase unwanted features: shadows, panels, watermarks, etc.
Removal of scratches, folds, stains
Cloning stamp (cloning of features)
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Version 10
  • OS : Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor Intel® or AMD
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB free disk space
  • Internet Connection 
  • Screen Resolution 1024 x 768

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