inPixio Photo Editor 9

Create beautiful photos - with 1 click!

inPixio Photo Editor 9
Create beautiful photos - with 1 click!
Create beautiful photos - with 1 click!
Create beautiful photos - with 1 click!
Create beautiful photos - with 1 click!
Create beautiful photos - with 1 click!

  • Add filters & photo effects: warm, black & white, pink lady, negative, sepia, science fiction, vintage...
  • Cut & crop: change the focus and size of your photos without being a pro.
  • Edit your photos: change the colour & brightness etc. to get the most out of your favourite shots!
  • NEW! Automatic correction in 1 click
  • NEW! Addition of LUT styles
  • NEW! Find tutorial videos for each module


Edit your photos like a Pro!


inPixio Photo Editor is a photo software program that is loaded with features and easy to use. It offers you a whole host of editing options such as photo retouching, cropping, adding filters or frames.

We have added several photo retouching modules to this new version, such as self-correction in 1 click or the possibility of adding color effects (LUT) will enhance your photos and give them an original and creative look worthy of a professional.

After just a few minutes using inPixio Photo Editor, you will be turning out photographs worthy of a pro!

Viewing your photos

Relax, Photo Editor is really quick to master. You will be able to easily navigate between the various tools. For viewing your photos you can choose a simple view but also:
  • A double viewing window (original photo on the left and photo being modified on the right)

  • A before-and-after view (as in the image below)

  • Use the Zoom feature to enhance the view and make your alterations in the closest detail.


Batch processing - Apply changes to multiple photos at once

Save your own settings which you can call up again in just one click during future projects

Add filters:

From over 100 filters classified by theme, choose the one which best suits your photo.

Add a frame:

Find the right frame for your photo from over 100 models sorted by type (classic, retro, sport, travel etc.)


Crop your photos:

Crop your photos manually or choose from the suggested crop formats: 1/1; 16/9; 3/4 etc.
You can also rotate your images and adjust the angle.

Retouching your photos:

  • Noise reduction module

Effectively reduces the noise present in your photos taken under restricted light conditions.

  • Fog correction module 

The (atmospheric) fog correction tool makes it possible to limit, or even remove altogether, the dull, gray overlay, and makes it more vibrant


  • Selective touch-up module 
Graduated filter, radial filter, correction brush

  • Sharpness module 

Allows greater sharpness to reveal all the details of the images

  • Film grain module 

Adds grain to give the photo an artistic or retro effect.

  • Creative blur module

A brand new module allowing you to blur all or part of your photo.

  • Tone curve:

Play with the tone curves to obtain light or dark hues and adjust the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) curves one by one.

  • Color balance: 

Adjust the hue and saturation with amazing precision. You can adjust the shadows, midtones and highlights of your photo on a case-by-case basis.

  • Vignetting: Obtain a "concealed" effect or draw attention to a specific object.  
  • Add different textures: 

All categorized by theme (Light leak, grain, film, geometric, material etc.).
It is also possible to adjust their opacity and the intensity of the texture as required.


  • Add text: Choose the fonts, color, thickness and add opacity 


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NEW! Automatic correction in 1 click:

Amazing photos in just one click – using 100% automatic smart technology! Improve the quality and colors of your photos in under a second thanks to our fully automatic process. You no longer have to be a Photoshop expert to create perfect photos!

 Addition of LUT styles

Incredible photos in just 1 click. Turn your pictures into one-of-a-kind shots by using styles worthy of a professional photographer. In just 1 click, your original photo is transformed and enhanced thanks to our selection of LUTs. You can also use this tool to import your own libraries or download and import free libraries from the Internet.

 Automatic Red-Eye Correction 

This new, 100% automatic technology recognises faces in your photos, and detects and corrects red eyes in a flash Give a new sparkle to your portraits or family photos from paper prints or slides, for instance.


NEW! Find tutorial videos for each Photo Editor module

To get the most out of Photo Editor 9's features, mini videos have been added to each of the software program's modules in the form of tooltips, making it easier and more effective to use. 

The old and new features of the program are explained in a fun and dynamic way. Simply hover over one of the features to reveal a demonstration of what you can do with it.
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InPixio Photo Clip Pro
InPixio Photo Clip Pro
Interface and getting started
NEW! Added 30 explanatory mini-videos related to each module
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Simplified use with a few clicks and powerful algorithms
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"Share" function on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, e-mail, MyPostcard
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InPixio Photo EditorInPixio Photo Editor    
NEW! Automatic correction in 1 click
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NEW! Added color effect (LUT)
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NEW! Automatic red-eye correction
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NEW! + 100 stickers and editable text templates (opacity, color, size etc.)
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More than 100 filters available
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Adding of unique and original frames and textures
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Photo optimization: temperature, hue, clarity, contrast, shadow, luminosity, saturation, etc.
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Noise, haze and sharpness correction tools
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Selective retouching module: creative blur, film grain, color balance
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Batch processing
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InPixio Photo EraserInPixio Photo Eraser    
NEW! Correction Patch - Erasing or cloning features in detail areas
Erasing of objects, characters, or landscapes
Erase unwanted features: shadows, panels, watermarks, etc.
Removal of scratches, folds, stains
Cloning stamp (cloning of features)
InPixio Photo CutterInPixio Photo Cutter    
NEW! + 100 stickers and text templates available
Improved! Ability to import several photos in a single edit
Cutting out your photos and images
Creation of montages from your photos
Import a background or choose from among those suggested
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 9
Platform Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® Processor or equivalent 
  • 1 GB main memory (RAM)
  • CD-/DVD-ROM drive
  • 15 MB hard drive space 
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Internet