MovieSaver 4

Save any video from the web!

MovieSaver 4
Save any video from the web!
Save any video from the web!
Save any video from the web!

  • Automatic download of any video from the Internet
  • Ultrafast video recording without advertising
  • Simultaneous recording of multiple videos
  • Save videos to your hard drive/external hard drive
  • Supports many portals, e.g. media libraries, YouTube etc.
  • Video conversion for export to mobile devices
  • NEW! Convert video clips to MP3 format



MovieSaver 4 is the perfect tool, if you want to get more out of the Internet. More music, more films, more gags – more fun! With one single click you can add any video to your download list. One more click and they get stored on your hard disk – without any legal restrictions!

Supported platforms includes YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo and many videos from various TV platforms.

Download online

  • Access popular online video portals to collect your favorite comedies, dramas or action films which can be downloaded directly on your PC with a click of your mouse.
  • Save online videos directly to your hard disk and play them in your Media Player. 

Convert video clips to MP3 files

  • Create your set of playlist clips from Youtube or any other video platform. If you only want the audio track of a videoclip, you can download the audio track separately.
  •  Compatible to FLV files (flash videos)
  • A flash player is not required for replay (even if your browser refuses to work, you can copy the video URL and download and watch the video with MovieSaver).
  • Very easy to handle via drag & drop or copy & past
  • Allows the download of various portals, like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo and various media libraries and other portals
  • All videos can be converted for Playstation, iPad, Xbox and many other devices by our video converter! Get the most popular videos onto your computer with MovieSaver 4!
New in Version 4 Back to the top
  • NEW! Support for playlists
  • NEW! Automatically downloads videos in the best quality available
  • NEW! Convert only the audio track of a video to MP3
  • NEW! Supports now parallel download of video files
  • NEW! Supports now up to 4K videos!
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 4
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 1 Year License
  • Pentium compatible processor
  • 2 GB RAM