OneSafe Mac Cleaner Professional

Optimize the performance of your MAC

$45.99/ year
OneSafe Mac Cleaner Professional
Optimize the performance of your MAC
Optimize the performance of your MAC
Optimize the performance of your MAC
Optimize the performance of your MAC
Optimize the performance of your MAC
Optimize the performance of your MAC
Optimize the performance of your MAC

  • Performs in-depth analysis and clean-up of your Mac
  • Simplifies maintenance of your Mac
  • Restores the performance of your Mac
  • Declutters your iOS backups
  • Smart interface
  • Eliminates duplicates
  • Uninstalls unwanted programs
  • Optimizes your files


For the same performance you had on day one: The simple way to optimize and clean up your Mac

With time, you may have found that the performance of your Mac has fallen off. As data and files have accumulated, it has stopped running as optimally as at the start.

However, most of this data is of no use to you, occupies a lot of disk space and degrades the performance of your Mac.

Now thanks to OneSafe Mac Cleaner Pro, there is a fast and easy way to eliminate the files that are cluttering up your Mac and give it back the performance that it had on day one!

  • Win back disk space:

The more space you can save on your disk, the faster your Mac will perform. With OneSafe Mac Cleaner, you can delete the unnecessary and bulky files and applications from your disk in one click.


  •  The easy way to scan and clean up your Mac:

Start the scan and then delete the unnecessary items that you do not want to keep. Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, OneSafe Mac Cleaner rapidly detects bulky, unnecessary files.

  •  Simple and intuitive to use:

Thanks to the smart interface, all users, including total newcomers to the Mac world, can find their way around and launch a scan in a single click. You can then delete the detected files or, if you wish, keep selected items by ticking the corresponding checkboxes. 

Optimization for your Mac:

OneSafe Mac Cleaner is the most effective and thorough way to clean your Mac. Just run an analysis to identify the items to be deleted and win back gigabytes of disk space ... and a faster MAC.

A fast, simple analysis is all it takes! 


In-depth clean-up of your Mac:

Not only does OneSafe Mac Cleaner delete bulky files; it also scans the hidden files that only it is able to find and that you don't even know exist.

In particular, this scan can identify:

  • Old cached files on Safari, ITunes etc.
  • Localized language files, keeping only the language you want to use and removing the others.
  • Left-over fragments of canceled download files that take up a lot of disk space.

Easy to use: 

A functional, modern interface gives you easy, rapid access to all the applications made possible by OneSafe Mac Cleaner.

With a single click, you can launch a quick scan that cleans the files that are clogging up your MAC in just a few minutes.


Delete iOS backups from your Mac:

To gain disk space, you can also remove:

  • iOS updates
  • Backups of old phones and copies of applications that are still stored in iTunes.

And you can do all of this with no risk to your Mac.

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Uninstall all unwanted programs:

OneSafe Mac Cleaner detects all applications and associated files that can be deleted without risk. You can then decide which applications you want to uninstall in the displayed analysis results. By deleting obsolete applications or applications that you no longer use, you can gain a lot of disk space.


Eliminate duplicates: 

Some of your folders may contain duplicated files that consequently take up twice as much space as they need to. These are often photos or videos that can occupy a lot of space on your disk.

In just a few minutes, OneSafe Mac Cleaner analyzes and identifies the duplicates that can be deleted without risk. Here, too, you can decide which duplicates you want to keep and which you want to delete by previewing the identified files.


Optimize all your files:

With OneSafe Mac Cleaner, you can filter your analyses by volume, by file type or even by date of last use.

If you search by volume, you can see the files that are taking up the most disk space in order of size. Deleting the most unnecessary of these will allow you to gain a lot of space on your Mac.

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Platform MacOS X 10.7 Lion, MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, MacOS X 10.9 Mavericks, MacOS X 10.10 Yosemite, MacOS 10.11 El Capitan, MacOS 10.12 Sierra, MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, MacOS 10.14 Mojave