Soda PDF Premium Yearly Plan

The full-featured PDF solution that allows you to create, convert and edit your documents on virtually any device!

$84.00/ year
Soda PDF Premium Yearly Plan
The full-featured PDF solution that allows you to create, convert and edit your documents on virtually any device!
The full-featured PDF solution that allows you to create, convert and edit your documents on virtually any device!

  • Free updates included with your Soda PDF plan allow you to get new features and enhancements regularly
  • Access your product from our desktop or web application any time you want!
  • Save your documents directly to your favorite cloud storage system! 
  • Create PDFs from over 300 file formats
  • Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and image formats
  • Edit the content of any PDF file
  • Create fillable forms that can be printed, published to the web or sent by email
  • NEW! Batch processes help you save time by processing multiple files at once. 


The Complete PDF Solution!


Soda PDF allows you to perform all your PDF tasks and is available as a desktop application and directly in your web browse.


Work Anywhere

Our plans allow you to access the online version of Soda PDF from virtually any device. Work on the go from your smart phone, tablet or desktop!

Collaborate without the hassle

Enjoy painless collaboration with Soda PDF's review tools. Add comments or replies, highlight or strike through text and more! Send your file out by email directly from Soda PDF, or compress it first for easy sharing.

Edit & review with ease

Soda PDF allows you to modify the content and structure of your documents by editing or adding text, links, images, page marks or pages to your documents. You can also review a document with comments and annotations, or create a fillable form by adding some fields!

Keep your documents safe

Feel free to set password permissions on your documents, including permission to view, edit or print the document. Sign your document with your own customizable signature appearance and certificate to claim ownership, or verify that you have interacted with the document.

Read and Create PDF files:

  • Open and view any PDF file, including .CBZ and .CBR file formats, which can be viewed in 3D mode for the best experience! 

  • View two documents at once in side-by-side mode

  • View your whole document in the page preview panel

  • Create a PDF document from almost any file type in one action! Just drag your document into Soda PDF to create your PDF file. 

  • Create PDFs directly from your scanner, the content of your clipboard, or using the URL of a webpage

  • Merge multiple files into a single PDF using our Merge feature

  • Save time by creating multiple PDFs at once using our Batch Create feature


Convert PDF Files:

  • Convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, Excel formats with no content loss!

  • Archive your documents by converting to PDF/A

  • Convert PDF to multiple image formats including .png, .jpeg,.gif and.bmp

  • Save time with Batch Convert - Just choose your files and the format, Soda PDF takes care of the rest!


Edit PDF Files:

  • Edit your documents by adding or changing text. You can copy, cut, or paste text in your documents or add new text directly to the document by creating a new text box. You can also modify the text properties such as font, size and color.

  • Modify the structure of your document by extracting, moving, splitting, deleting or rotating your pages

  • Watch out for errors with Spell Check. You can choose your desired dictionary and spell check engine. If you make a mistake, we'll give suggestions on how to fix it


Insert Page Elements:

  • Use insert to add images, links or page marks to your document

  • Add a link to go to a page in your document, an external webpage, open a file, or perform a custom JavaScript

  • Add page numbers, watermarks or headers and footers to your documents

  • Use Bates Numbering to index your documents like a pro


Review PDF Files:

  • Mark up your documents using our highlight, underline and strikethrough review tools

  • Add comments to your document, or annotations like shapes, stamps or measurements

  • Reply to comments easily by using our nested replies

Create Custom Forms:

  • Turn your PDF document into a fillable form using our forms tool with text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and combo boxes. All form fields have customizable appearance properties.

  • Create a submit button and use it to send the form by email or directly to a server!

  • For even more personalized experience, Soda PDF allows custom JavaScript actions to be incorporated into your form fields


Secure & Sign PDF Files:

  • Use set a password to view your document with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure it's fully protected

  • Set document permissions for editing, printing, copying content, filling form fields, adding signatures and more

  • Create certificates and apply them with your own custom appearances to certify that you own or have seen a document

What's new in Soda PDF v10? Back to the top

NEW! Spell Check

  • Get helpful hints for spelling mistakes with Soda PDF's new Spell Check feature

  • Choose your preferred dictionary, or let Soda PDF detect your language automatically

NEW! Batch Processes

  • Use our Batch Processes to help you save time when working with multiple documents:

"Batch processing is now available for: Print (new), Create, Convert, Crop (new), Watermark (new), Header and Footer (new), Bates, Numbering, Password Security (new), OCR, Reverse Crop (new), Remove Watermark (new), Remove Header and Footer (new), Remove Bates Numbering"

NEW! PDF 2.0 Support

  • Soda PDF is up to date with the latest PDF specifications, meaning you can open, and save documents in PDF 2.0

  • New opacity and blend tools for annotations allow you to add a new level of customization to your document elements

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 10
Platform Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processeur: Pentium III or equivalent

  • RAM: 512 MB (1 GB for Vista, 7 & 8)

  • Disk space: 100 MB or more

  • Internet connection is required for version updates, activation of your application and account, to download paid-for features, and for Soda PDF Online Services.

  • Microsoft Office is required for plug-in use & conversion to Word, Excel and PowerPoint