The Perfect Kiss

The Realistic On-Screen Kissing Simulator

The Perfect Kiss

  • Practice kissing with a realistic pair of on-screen lips
  • Choose from a variety of kissing techniques – Cheek, Lip, Air, Snog etc
  • Contains from over 100 different lip types
  • Guaranteed to improve your kissing within 20 days
  • FREE packet of screen wipes with every order! Buy Now

Kissy Kissy Back to the top

KissThe Perfect Kiss comes with an unparalleled variety of options to make your kissing experience as realistic as possible;

  • Choose from a selection male or female lips
  • Activate add-ons such as moustaches, beards or stubble (male lips only) to simulate real life experiences
  • Practice kissing with lipstick, with hints and tips to prevent excessive lipstick marks being left on the kisser or kissee
  • Select kiss type (Cheek, Lip, Air, Snog, French etc) and the on-screen simulator will rate your kiss with a mark out of 10.
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LipsA kiss can be one of the most confusing aspects of social etiquette. Years ago the handshake was the acceptable form of greeting between friends, but recently as the kiss has become more popular, more and more people have become confused about when to use this most delicate of greetings.

  • How many times should you have met someone before you kiss them?
  • What should you do if they're older than you, or younger?
  • Should you kiss someone else’s wife or husband, boyfriend of girlfriend?
  • And even if you pluck up the courage and go for it, should you go for cheek or air? One cheek? Or Both? Or maybe even three kisses? Don't the French do three? Help!

The Perfect Kiss helps solve this everyday problem by providing examples on what kiss you should use in which social situation, then replicates them using the on-screen kissing simulator.

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There is a trial version of The Perfect Kiss available for download, but please note that this only allows you access to cheek kissing.  To access any lip kissing you must purchase the full version.

System Requirements Back to the top
Platform Windows 7
  • Developed by Lirpa Loof Technologies