TurboCAD Designer 2D v17

Easy, Precise 2D Drafting at its Best!

TurboCAD Designer 2D v17

  • Easy to use 2D CAD software
  • Perfect for creating precision home plans, technical drawings, illustrations, maps, school projects, flow charts and more
  • All the 2D CAD tools you demand at a great price
  • It’s no wonder award-winning TurboCAD is the market leader in consumer-friendly CAD.

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Affordable CAD
TurboCAD Designer 17 offers all the professional features you demand from a 2D CAD application at a great price.

Easy To Learn And Use
Regardless of your skill level, you can get productive immediately using the setup wizard, interactive tutorials, and context-sensitive help. Simply customise your menu settings to beginner, intermediate and advanced mode in a familiar Windows® style interface to get results fast.

Complete 2D Drafting & Detailing
No matter the situation, you’ve got the right tool for the job. Quickly access hundreds of drawing, modifying, dimensioning and annotation tools. Use with snaps and drawing aids to speed design.

CAD & Graphics Compatibility
TurboCAD Designer makes it easy to import exiting designs, or share your work with others. Import and Export AutoCAD® DWG/DXF files (now compatible through AutoCAD 2010), save to PDF and more! Over 20 of the most popular industry-standard file formats are supported.

Proven CAD Solution for Over 20 Years
TurboCAD is a name you can trust. Year over year, it’s the industry’s most versatile and consumer friendly CAD application, with over 2 million sold worldwide.

Flexible User Interface
Display tools with full explanations in the beginner mode. Switch to intermediate or expert mode to gain screen space as you become more familiar with TurboCAD.

Setup Wizard
Breeze through questions designed to help you define your drawing’s size and orientation, units of measurement, printing scale and viewpoints.

A Complete Set of 2D Drafting and Detailing Tools
TurboCAD Designer employs a large selection of line, arc, curve, and spline tools, you’ve always got the right tool for the job. When used with TurboCAD’s snaps, modification tools, and drawing aids you will be able to quickly draft and document your designs with no restrictions.

  • Arcs, Bezier Curve, Circles, Ellipses, Construction, Lines, Double Lines, Irregular, Polygon, Lines, Multi-Lines, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, Points, Polygon, Polyline
  • Point Marker Tool
  • Chamfer/Fillet, Assemble, Align, Trace by Point, Trace by Rectangle
  • Insert Picture, Text, Object, Brush Style
  • Transform: Move, Rotate, Scale
  • Revision Cloud
  • 2 Types of Spline Curves
  • Array Copy for Drafting Repeating Objects
  • Boolean Add, Subtract, Intersect
  • Multiple Object Trim and Extend
  • Stretch, Split, Trim, Meet Two Lines, Break, Extend
  • 2D Measurements - Angle, Area, Coordinates, Distance
  • Wall

Annotation Tools
Dimensioning and Text are vital to any CAD Drawing. TurboCAD Designer includes:

  • Smart, Quick and Baseline which allow you to dimension automatically.
  • Associative Dimensions - freely move, rotate, or resize the associated objects and the dimension will retain its position relative to the objects, and the dimension text will change automatically to reflect changes.
  • Precise Dimensioning up to 10 decimal points.
  • Formats include: Architectural, Fractional, Engineering, Decimal, and Surveyor.
  • Multi-Text formatting and scaling options.

Pick Point & Path Hatching, Bitmap Fills, and Transparency
TurboCAD allows for hatch patterns and gradients to be layered with transparency. Custom bitmaps, such as your company logo, may be used as well. This empowers you to much more clearly and precisely communicate construction or assembly details.

Advanced Handle-Based Editing
Save time and draw more accurately, more quickly. TurboCAD provides handles for scaling, but also for rotating and moving objects.

Context-Sensitive Help
The TurboCAD context menu (right-click) provides access to recently used tools, recently entered values, and a quick way to change or reset reference points. If a TurboCAD tool is active, the context menu provides a contextual toolbar as well, with additional similar tools and functions.

PDF Publishing
Save your drawing as PDF documents for easy sharing. Plus, export paper spaces, customise your fonts and define your paper widths and heights.

CAD and Graphics Compatible
Sharing your files with others and among other programs is easy. TurboCAD supports the most current and popular industry-standard file formats including AutoCAD®.

Earth-Friendly “Green” Design
TurboCAD offers a complete set of pre-drawn, eco-friendly details that you can drag and drop into your design. Access the Green Building Design Center for a comprehensive list of earth-friendly building and design ideas, solution and supplies. Dozens of links will help you locate energy wise and environment friendly doors, windows, natural lighting and much more

New Features Back to the top

NEW Layer Filters
Layer filters that are .dwg compatible, help you manage large, complex drawings with ease. Simply organise layers by a defined set of parameters. All layers which meet the parameters define by the filter will be grouped in the lower panel of the Design Director.

NEW Colour Table (CTB) Print Style Support
AutoCAD® Colour Table (.CTB) file support added to existing support of Style Table (STD) print styles.

IMPROVED Blocks and Groups
In-place editing of blocks and groups. Now can edit and customise individual Blocks.

NEW Index Colour Support
Index Colours added to support of True Colours. Includes proper round-tripping of DWG files and the Colour Dialog’s Index colours match AutoCAD LT colours 1:1.

NEW Line Width Scaling
New value “Device width” for TC pen property "Line Width Scale System" was added.

NEW Multilanguage support
It is now possible to input, edit and visualisation objects name (Layers, blocks, styles, etc.) independent of the current local OS system settings.

IMPROVED Meet Two Lines Tool
Bezier and Spline curves are now supported

IMPROVED Multi-Text, Text
Much easier to now get into edit mode as editing is turned on when either the MultiText or Text tools are enabled. Able to enter larger text strings without degradation of performance.

IMPROVED Paper Space Templates
Now you can insert and extract specific Paper Spaces from other TCT (TurboCAD templates), TCW and DWG files. Also, define different printers and printer setting for each Paper Space in a drawing.

IMPROVED Shrink/Extend Tool
Bezier and NURBs curves are now supported.

IMPROVED Templates
Improved Architectural and Metric templates.

Ability to define line weights during file import; define how arc elements convert during export. Ability to read Multi-Leader objects and styles. Now possible to control Xrefs through Xref Layers.

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 17
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7


  • Pentium IV Processor
  • Microsoft® Windows XP, Microsoft® Vista, Windows 7
  • 300 MB of free hard disk space depending on accessory applications installed, 64 MB of swap space
  • Super VGA (1024 x768) display
  • High Colour (16 bit) graphics card
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Adobe Reader v6 or higher. Recommended v7 or higher.


  • 2 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM
  • 3D Graphics accelerator card
  • Wheel mouse
  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft ® Internet Explorer™ required for Internet registration
  • Macromedia ® Flash™ plug-in required for on-line tutorials
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