Web Video Recorder Professional

Watch and save all videos from the Web

Web Video Recorder Professional
Watch and save all videos from the Web
Watch and save all videos from the Web
Watch and save all videos from the Web
Watch and save all videos from the Web
Watch and save all videos from the Web

  • Automatic online video recording
  • Quickly download multiple videos simultaneously
  • Export downloaded videos to all your devices (mobile phones, PCs, tablets, etc.)

Pro Version:

  • Capture tool to record your screen
  • Convert all your files
  • Schedule your favorites programs!


Web Video Recorder is the perfect tool to watch, screen, convert and record all the videos from the Web.  

You can also import downloads from Web Video Recorder onto all your devices (Smartphones, PC, tablets etc.) to watch them at any moment.

  • Watch content from the most popular video platforms 

Web Video Recorder has an integrated browser allowing direct access to the most popular video platforms such as: YouTube, Yahoo, Wat, Ustream, Metacafe and many more! 

Portails Internet MovieSaver

  • Save videos from the Web

Download online videos with ease! Web Video Recorder saves all videos from your choice. You can decide whether to keep the audio, video or both. Once you have made your choice, launch the video and click the "Download from this page" button.

When the download is complete, you can find your video in the file manager

  • Convert your downloaded files - Only in pro version

Convert your files in one click! After download, you can convert your files in a several output formats such as: MP4, PSP, AVI, MP3, wave, mpeg, iPhone/iPad/Ipod, 3gp, 3g2 etc.

  • Export your downloads to the devices of your choice

Once the video is downloaded, you can import it to your PC, mobile, tablet... and watch it at any time!

  • Use the "Record" button - Only in pro version

Capture your screen with the "record" button. You decide when recording starts and when it ends. You can then adjust the volume, viewing size, and video speed.

This feature can be very useful because it avoids you to capture an entire video and therefore make post-recording mounts.

  • Thematic video search 

You can perform video searches by theme in the Web video recorder database and choose which video portals you want the results to come from (YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Video etc.).

For example: Enter "How to make a cupcake" in the search bar. Web Video Recorder will show you the suggestions of all the different video portals.


  • Schedule your favorites programs! - Only in pro version

Many programs are available on the calendar tab. There is something for everyone: sports, travel, animals, cooking, etc. You can then select the program of your choice and click on "add a schedule" to create an alert with the date and time of your program.


  • Create folders in the media library - Only in pro version

The "book" icon allow you to create several folders and sort your videos as you like. 

Highlights Back to the top

The best video websites (YouTube, Dailymotion...)

Fast download time

Conversion into multiple output formats (MP4, AVI, Mpeg...)

Very easy to use and customizable (interface, calendar etc.)

Requirements Back to the top
  • Pentium IV 1.6 GHz or better (2 GHz recommended) or comparable AMD processor

  • 1 GB RAM available (2 GB RAM or more recommended)

  • Available Hard Disk Space: Installation requires approximately 32MB (require enough space for video download)

  • 32 MB Video RAM (64 MB or more recommended)

  • Broadband Internet connection required, keyboard and mouse.