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WebAnimator: Create stunning web animations in HTLM5

WebAnimator Now
WebAnimator: Create stunning web animations in HTLM5
WebAnimator: Create stunning web animations in HTLM5
WebAnimator: Create stunning web animations in HTLM5
WebAnimator: Create stunning web animations in HTLM5
WebAnimator: Create stunning web animations in HTLM5
WebAnimator: Create stunning web animations in HTLM5

  • Create responsive HTML5 web animations
  • Includes ready-to-use, customizable templates
  • Use scenes, timelines, and keyframes
  • Timing features
  • Compatible with all major browsers and operating systems.
  • Libraries of royalty-free effects and images
  • New in V3: Animation properties



WebAnimator lets you create fantastic animations to add to your websites and online stores, without using Flash.

With WebAnimator now you can create fantastic animations to add to your websites and online stores. No need to learn or use HTML code, and no animation experience necessary.

Working visually, using an intuitive interface complete with all necessary tools, WebAnimator now lets you create your animations quickly and easily. Among the tools included, you’ll find the Timeline and keyframes, objects you can insert onto the stage using the simple Drag&Drop feature. Templates and effects ready to use.

WebAnimator now creates animations using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This means you can be confident that your animations will be compatible with all major browsers and operating systems and they’ll look perfect on any desktop and mobile device.

Working with WebAnimator is easy!

In WebAnimator each animation is integrated in a scene, where all the necessary objects can be added with just a simple Drag&Drop onto the stage. It’s just as easy to define an object’s properties and add the actions that animate it. When you add and manage keyframes on the timeline you have complete control over the animation: you can make things disappear, move, change colour or whatever else you want them to do.

Using the included Templates, you will be able to create super eye-catching animations in a few minutes: just add your contents to create, for example, a top-quality slideshow or product presentation.

All The Features: 

  • Create Web Animations in HTML5 
  • Add multiple scenes & timelines 
  • 4 templates included
  • Work with keyframes
  • Timing Functions (no custom functions)
  • Background animations

Animated Backgrounds and Transitions

Stunning animated backgrounds, foregrounds and falling objects for your website. Infinite loops effects can get you so much with little effort.
Website Banners, Menus and Buttons

Keep users focused on your value message with compelling animated menus and powerful call-to-action buttons. Make banners in WebAnimator and quickly embed the HTML5 script on your web pages without coding.
Interactive videos and presentations

Start creating remarkable explainers videos with HTML5-based animations to get the most out of your projects.
Equally beautiful on PC and any mobile device
From desktop computers to iPhone, iPad or smartphones and tablets of any size. WebAnimator animated videos and interactive objects look brilliant on every modern browsers.
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Simple User Interface:

WebAnimator features an intuitive user interface, which serves as an easy-to-use guide to making your own animated content. The event handler helps you easily design and publish HTML5 animations with full real-time control.


Drag & Drop and Keyframing:

Drag-and-drop objects and you’ll get your content splitted into several scenes. Add multiple keyframes along an easy-to-use timeline like a real movie director and… Action! 


Template Collection :

Use ready-made animations presets and built-in visual effects to customise your website in seconds. WebAnimator animation software will get it done for you.

What's new in V3 Back to the top

New! Graphic interface

The interface boasts a new, flat design and integrated panels instead of the former superimposed look.

New! Responsive animations

You can design your animations to be responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to the browser window’s dimensions.

New! Inserting objects

You can insert objects directly with one click, no need to drag the icon from the toolbar to the stage.

New! Animation properties

From the Properties menu, you can see how properties change when an effect is activated.

New! Text Editor

Syntax Highlighting in the editor now lets you enter text.

New! Image library

More than 1 million royalty-free images are available in the library for you to import directly into your projects.

New! Vector images

We added the option of importing SVG vector images.

New! New effect pre-sets

5 new effect presets added to those already available.

New! Internal engine

Replace your internal rendering engine with Chromium to increase speed and improve design functions.

New! Copy/Pase Management

Now you can copy and paste key image frames as well as objects with associated key frames.

New! Shape Object

You can insert more shapes than just the rectangle and the circle, choosing from a library of shape presets.

New! Google Font preview

Now you can view your chosen Google Fonts directly from the stage than only in the external browser preview.

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Tools and features

WebAnimator Now




Editing features Create complete animations Create complete animations
Templates include 4 standard templates 4 standard templates
Export file formats HTML5, GIF HTML5, GIF
Stage, Timeline, and Panel functions oui oui
Multi-scenes and timelines oui oui
Customized timing  - oui
Create animated buttons - oui
Embed audio and video - oui
Custom JavaScript code  - oui
Use live animations - oui
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  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Internet connection and e-mail account to activate product