Website X5 Evolution 20

Create your own website, blog and online store in 5 steps

Website X5 Evolution 20
Create your own website, blog and online store in 5 steps
Create your own website, blog and online store in 5 steps
Create your own website, blog and online store in 5 steps
Create your own website, blog and online store in 5 steps
Create your own website, blog and online store in 5 steps

  • Create Responsive websites
  • SEO-optimization ready
  • Create multilanguage websites
  • Up to 10,000 pages
  • 700,000 royalty free images
  • NEW! 100+ templates, perfect for every occasion
  • NEW! Hosting and domain with free e-mail for a year.


Easy. Fast. Complete.

WebSite X5 Evolution is the ideal desktop software to create websites, blogs and online stores.

WebSite X5 is a step-by-step builder with a visual editor. No coding skills are needed. It has the essential features required to create websites with both stunning and functional design. Furthermore,  it has built-in advanced tools, for Search Engine Optimization as well as responsive design, which allows your web pages to adapt to the screen resolution of any device such as tablets and smartphones.

Install WebSite X5 Evolution on 2 PCs and create as many websites as you like, for yourself, your friends and customers.

Drag & Drop. Done 

Thanks to the Drag & Drop editor of WebSite X5, your site pages come to life before your eyes. Drag and drop content to position it: text, images, videos, e-mail forms, maps, social buttons. A blank page is transformed into a site without touching a line of code.



Choose the perfect design

Our program includes 100 free templates, powerful built-in graphic editors and several effects, from Parallax to animated objects. To change you website design you can customize the template, edit images, set menu styles or any other item.


First-class Online Stores 

Experience an online shopping cart perfectly combined to your website with full control of the buying process.  Create your product catalogue, define shipment and payment methods, activate promos and coupons, customize checkout, manage orders and product availability from a powerful online control panel.


100% Mobile-friendly

Allow users to surf your site from mobile devices and perform common tasks from smartphone or tablet by setting the complete responsive functions. Use the Responsive Bar to design your template, set breakpoints and organize your content depending on screen resolution. And with the Professional version apps, you can even manage websites and blogs from mobile.

Blogging & Social

In one software you have everything you need to grow online without spending extra in ads. You can start a personal blog or add it into your site. Schedule posts so you can focus on your business and share your experience quickly with social buttons.


SEO and Analytics 

The HTML5 code and CSS generated by WebSite X5 gets your site indexed quickly. So you'll be easy to find on Google, Bing and other search engines. To optimize the entire site, fill in the title and description of your pages and set the title tag with the new Object Title feature. Don't worry about SiteMap, and rich-snippets for product sheets: WebSite X5 creates them automatically. SEO optimization has never been so simple. In addition, for an overview of your website data, use the new Analytics within WebSite X5 or easily integrate Google Analytics into your site.


Privacy, Security and Site Management

To comply the Privacy and Cookie Law you can simply add the banner with the data required directly from within the software. You also have a functional Online Control Panel to access all the data in your websites: visitor statistics, orders and payments in your online store, comments on your blog pages. 

The 5 Steps Back to the top

Create your Website in 5 Steps

You don’t need to code when creating your website with WebSite X5 Professional: all you need is a mouse!

It’s easy. Follow these five simple steps to make your website online in a snap:

1. Set up your project

First, name your project and add a description. Then ask yourself what kind of site you want to create. You can choose to power up your website with a blogor a web shopping cart, you may want to set up a multilanguage site, manage user registration and so on. Your website is a few clicks away.


2. Pick up template

A high-quality design is essential to be successful online. you can start with one of the 100 graphic templates available or simply create a template from scratch. Use the built-in editor to add your logo, text, image galleries, graphic effects and anything else you want to customize your template.


3.Organize your website

Creating your website structure is easy. You just need to add pages and organize them in levels. Change your website map any time you want: SiteMap and navigation menus will be updated automatically.



4.Create pages

Now it’s time for content editing. Drag&Drop content to edit pages. You can add text, images, galleries, animations, videos, create e-mail forms, search fields,product catalogues, maps or use many other Apps for editing fresh content. And everything is done using a visual editor.


5.Publish your website

To publish your website online you just have to upload via the built-in FTP Client Engine. The FTP Engine supports secure connections and helps you save time by working with multiple connections and publishing only modified web pages. Done! You're only one click away from informing Google and your social media contacts that your website is online. The FTP Engine supports secure connections and helps you save time by working with multiple connections and publishing only modified web pages. Done! You’re only one click away to inform  Google and your social media contacts of your website online presence.

What's new ? Back to the top

New! 100 templates, perfect for every occasion

  • Each template is now a project complete with graphics, pages and content that can be customized as desired.

Improvement! Blog 

  • User Interface: improvement of the post management.

  • Design: update of  some preset settings and introduced new options: allowing you to design Blog pages and posts more precisely.

  • Responsive: in order to improve the way Blogs are displayed and navigated on mobile, some settings and behaviors of the Blog have been revised.

  • SEO: updated of the pages' code to introduce a few new tags which will improve the content's indexation on Search Engines.

Hosting and domain Back to the top

Hosting and domain with free e-mail for a year.

With WebSite X5 you get a hosting service tailored to your sites: web space, domain, e-mail, etc... Everything is already integrated, so you can publish your website online as soon as it's ready!

  • Web Space: Store everything you need on SSD web space to get your site online.
  • Custom URL: Use the automatic domain * or link your own custom domain with one click.
  • Email accounts: After connecting your domain, create the email addresses you need.
  • HTTPS SSL Certificate: With the SSL certificate for HTTPS browsing your site is securely configured.
  • Database: Take advantage of the MySQL database to better manage your data and applications.
  • Support: If you need help you can count on our specialized support service.

Discover Website X5 Pro version Back to the top
Tools and Features
Website X5

Website X5

Sites Unlimited Unlimited
Pages per project 10.000 10.000
Menu Generator
Language Management
Drag & Drop Builder
E-mail Form
Product Catalogue
HTML Code 
Dynamic Content
Optional Apps
Template 100 150
Styles and transition effects
Online store cart -
Products in your store 10.000 10.000
Store customization
Shipping methods
PayPal and other gateways PayPal online
Product subvariants -
Coupons and discounts -
Inventory management -
Optimize For Mobile
Mobile optimization
Responsive design
Breakpoints 3 10
Hidden content
Line wrap -
Auto-detect browser resolution -
Optimize For Search Engines
Page Title and Description
XML Sitemap
Ready for Google Analytics
H1, H2 management -
Robots.txt -
Project analysis -
Manage Your Web Site
Online Control Panel
Visitor statistics
Blog and Guestbook comments
Orders and Inventory
User registration -
Control Panel Logo -
WebSite X5 Manager App -
Privacy And Security
Privacy and Security
Secure pages
Blogs & RSS Feeds
FeedReady App -
Social Plugin
Go Online
FTP engine
Website X5 Marketplace
Website X5 Help center
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 20.4
Platform Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Min. Screen resolution 1024 x 720
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux servers. PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.6 for a few advanced features only.
  • Internet connection & e-mail account required to activate the product