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Amazing Animals
A fun-packed learning adventure in the amazing world of animals
ClueFinders Year 6 Adventures - Empire of the Plant People
Solve a mystery in an underground world!
Hollywood Pets - Pup Idol
The Glitz, the Glam and the Gorgeous!!
Junior Brain Train - Logic Games
Challenge, test and improve the Logic skills of your Kids.
Junior Brain Train - Memory Games
Improve your Child's memory with these Brain Boosting games!
Junior Brain Train - Word Games
Word games that develop your child's vocabulary.
Kitty Luv
Someone Needs a little Love & Attention !
Learning Ladder KS2 Pack
The Complete Learning System for your child
Learning Ladder Triple Pack - Yr 4-6
The Complete Learning System For Your Child
Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic v2
Mastering Essential Numeracy Skills!
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