MyDatabase® Home and Business

MyDatabase® Home and Business

Easily Manage Customers, Projects & Assets with Database Management Software

  • 50+ Database Business & Home Templates
  • Build your own custom database 
  • 3-user license
  • FREE! $100 Value – data backup and estate planning software

For Windows XP, Vista®, 7 or 8


With easy setup and installation, more than 50 pre-designed database templates for both business and home, and 100 custom reports, MyDatabase™ Home & Business gets you started fast! Manage customers, vendors, and projects while tracking assets for insurance claims. Includes backup and estate planning software to ensure your data and valuables are always protected.


Getting Started is As Easy as 1-2-3

1. Get Started Quickly with 50+ customizable home and database templates or create your own.
2. Gather Data Easily Import popular database files including Microsoft® Access™, Excel®, Outlook®, and more.
3. Access Information Instantly Filter data to find single contacts or large data sets. Perform calculations, view totals and print reports.

50+ Database Templates or Build Your Own

Organize & Manage Your Customers, Vendors & Contacts

MyDatabase lets you import data from the most popular databases including Microsoft® Access™, Excel®, and Outlook®. Keep your customers, clients, friends and family informed with personalized emails. MyDatabase pulls your email contact list directly from your database.

  • Search & find your contacts quickly
  • Easily create address lists
  • Track your communications
  • Send personalized emails

Built-in Database Sharing

Access the same database file simultaneously. Your team can view, update, and edit the file easily. With MyDatabase Home & Business, sharing information is easy, no costly network specialist or consultant is required.

Organize & Track Your Possessions

Create a detailed record and track your valuables including furnishings, appliances, electronics, jewelry, vehicles, clothing or movies and music collections with MyDatabase. Expedite your insurance claims and be prepared for any emergency.

  • Add photos and images to your forms
  • Scan and attach price tags, receipts, warranties and appraisals to your forms
  • Print summary reports to send to your insurance agent
  • Back up your records automatically for added protection

Get More from Your Data with Customized Reports

Make better business and personal decisions with a broad range of reports. From expenses, inventory, and customer history, to address lists, value of assets, insurance detail, and more, MyDatabase makes it easy to create polished and professional reports to help you gain valuable insight into you information. They include:

Customer History
Address Lists
To-Do Lists
Assets & Inventory
Marketing Programs
Home Inventory
Friends & Family
Invitation Lists
Movies & Music Collections
Diet Tracker
And More!

  • Easy-to-use – get started quickly with over 50 database home & business templates or build your own database from scratch
  • Affordable - All your home and business data management tools for just $39.99!
  • Manage your contacts from one place – import data from the most popular databases, including Microsoft® Access™, Excel®, and Outlook®
  • Organize & track your possessions – expedite your insurance claims and be prepared for any emergency
  • Make better business and personal decisions – over 100 custom reports
  • Collaborate and share information  - access the same database simultaneously
  • More Value - Free Database Backup Software, Free Estate Planning Software
  • 3-User License 
  • 90-day money back guarantee

FREE! $100 Value*

This incredible offer includes:

  • FREE! Data Backup Software
  • Automatically backup and protect your critical data. No scheduling required.
  • FREE! Estate Planning Software 
  • Automatically backup and protect your critical data. No scheduling required.

*FREE $100 Value Offer

Database Backup Software for automatically backing up your critical data is included on the enclosed program DVD.

Estate Planning Software for creating wills, trusts, and other legal documents is included on the enclosed program DVD.


Competitive Advantage Back to the top

Top 9 Things You Can Do Better with MyDatabase Home & Business:

  • Manage customers, vendors, and clients
  • Track products, inventory, and assets
  • Create standard or custom reports and print to PDF
  • Make smarter business or personal decisions
  • Share databases with multiple users simultaneously
  • Print labels, business cards, postcards, and more
  • Track home inventory and multimedia files
  • Easily process insurance claims
  • Simplify your estate planning
  • Protect and secure your data
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 1
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit
  • For Windows XP, Vista®, 7 or 8
  • Pentium® III or higher
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 60 MB free hard disk space
  • Inkjet or laser printer
  • Shared network folder for multi-user access


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