Checksoft Personal Deluxe

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Checksoft Personal Deluxe

  • #1 Seller of Checkwriting Software
  • Save up to 80% on Check Paper
  • Works with Quicken® and QuickBooks® 

  • 1,000+ Background Images, 20+ Check Templates

  • Print Personal Checks & Balance Your Checkbook

  • 100% Compliant with US Banks

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Secure Online Ordering. Our Systems are tested daily by McAfee and secured by SSL Secure Online Ordering

3432MainImage.jpgWhy Checksoft? Save 80% on Check Paper!*

Do you get impatient waiting for your bank to replenish your checks? Do you put off balancing your checkbook because you think it is a tedious and cumbersome process? Checksoft Personal Deluxe provides you with all the tools you need to design and print your own personal checks, balance your checkbook, and organize your finances from one place.

You can easily create and manage checking, savings, credit card, and money market accounts, reconcile your bank statement in minutes, and print checks easily from Quicken and QuickBooks.

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  • IMPROVED! User Interface makes Checksoft Personal Deluxe easier and more intuitive to use than ever.

  • IMPROVED! Account Set up Wizard makes it easier to create and set up an account so you can start designing your checks instantly.

  • IMPROVED! Check Design Wizard – preview and select predesigned templates and insert or replace background images with ease.

  • IMPROVED! Check Design Tools - an enhanced interface and better design tools make it easier to customize your check design.

  • Compatible with the latest versions of QuickBooks® and Quicken®.

  • NEW! Live Update Technology ensures that you get the latest version of QuickBooks and Quicken compatibility free for one year.

Create High-Quality Custom Checks & Checkbooks

Select a Check Design

Choose from 20+ check templates or create your own. Enter your account data then select the check design and paper stock that fits your needs.
Select a Check Design

Customize Your Check Design

Personalize your check design with 1,000+ colorful background images, logos, and graphics. 


Customize Your Check Design

Create Your Checkbook

Assemble your custom checkbook. Checksoft makes it easy with included personal checks, checkbook cover, register, and binding strips.



Top 5 Reasons to Create Your Own Checks

  • Save Money - Save up to 80% on check paper costs

  • Efficiency - Create and print checks for multiple accounts

  • Reduce Risk - Safeguard personal information

  • Checks on Demand - Never run out of checks

  • Financial Control - Manage your finances from one place



Easily Manage Your Personal Finances


Set up and Control Accounts

  • Set up checking, savings and credit card accounts

  • View balances, upcoming bills, outstanding checks and more

Set up and Control Accounts

Account Register

Get started quickly. Checksoft works just like a checkbook, making it easier to enter and edit transactions.

  • Choose transaction by type, such as ATM payment, and more

  • Categorize and sort your data to generate more detailed reports

  • Your ending balance is updated as each transaction is recorded

  • Schedule bill reminders

Account Register

Reconcile Accounts

Download your bank data. Reconciliation Wizard makes it easy to reconcile your bank statement and track transactions. Cleared transactions are automatically calculated against your ending balance.

Schedule and Track Payments
Stay on top of your bills and payments by scheduling them ahead of time. Bill Scheduler reminds you when your bills are due and automatically records them for you.

Integrate with Your Financial Software

Easily print checks directly from Quicken® and QuickBooks® software. Easily import product, contact, customer, and vendor data from your bank or existing financial software.

Manage Contacts

  • Organize payees, vendors, and customers
  • Includes payee database so you only have to enter information once
  • Maintain a complete customer database

Manage Contacts

Create Financial Reports

Analyze your business with easy-to-read reports. Generate a wide variety of reports including Payments, Checks Printed, Expenses, and much more.


  • #1 Seller of Checkwriting Software***

  • Save Money Save up to 80% on check paper costs

  • Easy-to-usejust 5 minutes to learn the basics

  • Efficient create and print checks for multiple accounts and mail with double window envelopes

  • Reduce risksafeguard personal information with password protection

  • Checks on demandnever run out of checks

  • Compliant100% bank approved in the U.S.

  • Integrates with your financial softwareprint checks directly from Quicken®, QuickBooks® and Bookkeeper

  • Financial Controlmanage finances from one place

  • Schedule and Track Payments and Billsexplore ways to save money

  • Download bank data and reconcile accounts – easily reconcile your bank statement & track transactions

  • Analyze your finances with easy to read reports

  • 30-day money back guarantee

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Checksoft Personal Deluxe Works with:
  • Quicken® - versions 2004-2021
  • QuickBooks®- Basic & Pro Editions 2004-2021, Premier Editions 2004-2021, Enterprise Solutions Editions 2008-2021
As later versions of the software programs are released, please check with Avanquest for the latest software updates.
Checksoft Compatible Checks:
  • Checks Business Pack
  • Checks Voucher Pack
  • Checks Personal Pack
To order check paper products go to
System Requirements Back to the top
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11


  • Pentium® III or higher
  • 300 MB hard disk space
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Inkjet or laser printer
  • Internet connection required for certain features

*Checksoft, Quicken, QuickBooks and bank check paper costs are based on current suggested retail pricing for 900 checks.

***NPD Group/NPD Techworld January 2007 - December 2012.

†A MICR toner cartridge is not required to print valid checks from this software. However, some financial institutions or retailers may require checks with MICR toner. If you have concerns, contact your financial institution and the retailers you patronize to inquire if MICR toner is required.  If you determine that MICR toner is required on your checks, please visit

††A QIF file format is required to import transaction data from Quicken, credit card companies or your bank. 

††Bonus: 175 personal and business checks included in the box version only."