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Software Publishing Services

With more than 20 years of experience in development and publishing, Avanquest sells over 20 million software titles per year.

Today, covering 15,000 retail outlets worldwide, Avanquest supports every major distribution channel, maximizing your sales across multiple channels and geographic regions. Avanquest has a presence in local markets registering over 90% of the world's total packaged software sales.

The Advantages Of Working With Avanquest

  • Penetrate international markets quickly, using established distribution channels.
  • Avoid the expense of investing in the set-up of organizational structures.
  • Benefit from the reputation and knowledge of companies that are already well-established in their territories.
  • Give your products the best chance of success through high quality services, technical support and marketing.
  • Improve cost effectiveness by rapidly increasing your revenues with the lowest possible investment.
  • Gain access to all target customer types including consumers, mid sized companies and large corporate customers.

We Adapt To Your Needs

A choice of business model: Depending on your marketing and operational needs, we offer truly value-added options that range from basic sales and distribution to a complete turnkey solution, including localization, package creation and supply chain management.

A choice of markets

Depending on your goals and requirements, Avanquest offers distribution in one or multiple countries. In each country, we sell through all available channels, including retail, catalogues, ecommerce, electronic software download (ESD), OEM, VARs, and mainstream or specialist distributors. This guarantees maximum penetration for your products.

We focus on your product's particular market capabilities and we benefit only from the actual sales we deliver; we're only successful when you are.