Avanquest's Values

What’s in a name?

Avanquest was created from the combination of “Avant” and “Quest”:  “Avant” is derived from “avant-garde” which means progress, innovation and staying ahead of the crowd; while “Quest” represents our constant quest for knowledge and excellence and for better ways of doing things. We look for employees that embody these values and respond to the challenges they present.

Helping each other progress

Since its inception in 1984, Avanquest Software has grown from a mere two employees to its current team of more than 650 worldwide. For two decades, the Group’s employees and managers have given top priority to growth; company growth and personal growth.

The company growth is on public record - we're now one of the top few software companies in the world. And really, it was the involvement and personal development of our employees - many of whom have been with us for years - that made this growth possible.

Each of the Group's companies invests in technical training, development of competencies, foreign language instruction, and management training, with the goal of helping all employees develop. We are looking for people with the potential to contribute today - and progress further over their time with us.

A Passion for Innovation

No business specializing in technology will survive without anticipating change and seizing opportunities that are generated through technological advances. At Avanquest Software, a mindset of ongoing innovation is shared by all our employees. This translates into a high energy, future looking, and exciting place to work. Yet, at Avanquest Software we still remain extremely pragmatic and never forget that we are designing products and solutions for "real world" use not just for the technology itself.  So whether it is developing software, or marketing programs, or back office operations - we are looking for people with innovative ideas that really can be implemented in this pragmatic world.

Stay ahead of the crowd

We have been present since the high-technology field began - to be able to continue to grow and develop, we must continue to evolve, anticipate trends and adapt to a continually changing environment. In order to achieve this we have had a flexible organization, maintaining efficient decision-making processes and shared responsibilities. We need people who enjoy a fast pace in their daily lives, and are comfortable with change.

Excellence built on Ethics

Achievement is worthwhile only when it goes hand-in-hand with ethical behavior. We must not only respect our customers - without them the business cannot exist – but also our shareholders, who support the company in its growth, as well as to our business and channel partners. Most importantly, however, are the members of the Avanquest team, spread all over the world, and without whom Avanquest would have never been able to experience such growth.

Communication among colleagues from the various services, subsidiaries and countries fosters valuable, formal and informal exchanges, consultation, teamwork and mutual help.

Thanks to the contribution of each Avanquest employee, as part of this global team and as a result of always holding fast to its values, Avanquest Software has managed to adapt and to thrive as a company capable of anticipating new users’ needs, generating enduring and profitable growth in the process - and by providing the people who make this possible a great place to work.