Publishing Services

Speed to market

Our talented product management teams have streamlined the scheduling and execution of timely product launches. Operational efficiencies, fine-tuned through the years, guarantee that your product will experience fast and wide distribution. Upon launch, Avanquest's supply chain management systems ensure that store shelves remain stocked so that customers can find your products easily.

Channel knowledge

It takes more than just translation to localize a product and provide best-adapted solutions for each target market. We launch your product, carry out all necessary marketing activities adapted to each local market, and build your product brand recognition for you. This includes public relations, advertising, channel promotions, trade marketing, direct retailer and reseller relationships, in house package design, and localization in up to 26 languages.

Sales relationships

Our team of seasoned sales managers utilizes their long standing relationships to secure premier store placement in over 15,000 store locations as well as corporate market coverage through thousands of corporate resellers and VAR's worldwide. We also promote and sell your software through our internally developed web system and through our online retail partners. With our multi-language sites and more than 800,000 visitors a month from all over the world, global exposure and immediate sales are guaranteed.

Cost savings

Avanquest provides the infrastructure to produce localized products cost effectively. We manage all of the cost of inventory and save you from setting up expensive processes and relationships to get your product into the marketplace.


We ensure that pre-sales testing and after sales technical support for both the end user and the channel are delivered at the highest standards expected from a global brand.

Retail store coverage

Due to Avanquest's years of experience in each local market and the relationships built over decades, virtually all major retail chains as well as small retailers and catalogs carry products represented by Avanquest.

Corporate market coverage

Avanquest's strength to generate software sales in the corporate market relies both on our capability to design software offerings adapted to corporate needs in the form of packaged licensing distribution or software licensing programs, and our extensive experience with large corporate resellers, corporate dealers, and the VAR channel network worldwide.